Paige's Rise as WWE Divas Champion Has Been a Booking Triumph

Tom Beasley@TomJBeasleyAnalyst IMay 11, 2014


Paige is the shot of adrenaline that the WWE Divas division needed.

Her appearance on the episode of Raw after WrestleMania was a real shock to the system. AJ Lee had just defeated the entire Divas division in one match. It looked like her record-breaking title reign was set to continue. Then a young woman from Norwich, England arrived and won the WWE Divas Championship.

Since that stunning first display, Paige has continued to make her mark. She picked up impressive wins against the likes of Aksana and Alicia Fox. Then, at Extreme Rules, she made Tamina Snuka tap out to cement her first pay-per-view title defense.


The rise of Paige has been booked perfectly and could be the beginning of a real renaissance for the Divas.

Paige has been booked in fairly short matches for most of her main-roster career so far. She has been able to showcase her toughness as well as her trio of innovative finishing moves. Her Scorpion Cross Lock submission hold has been presented as nearly invincible, with no one able to survive it.

Her persona is shown to have progressed logically. In her first few weeks she was shown to be timid, but she has grown in confidence as time has gone on. Her anti-Diva character is the perfect jumping-off point for a feud with members of the Total Divas cast.

Also crucial was the choice of Tamina Snuka as her first major opponent. Tamina is the most physically imposing figure on the female roster, so beating her really put Paige over as a powerful force.

Fans have now seen enough of Paige’s style in terms of short matches and snippets. She is now ready to compete in longer matches and extended feuds. Of course, the obvious contender for Paige’s first big rivalry is AJ Lee.

The two women are both highly proficient in-ring workers and submission specialists. AJ has shown a fanatical obsession with the WWE Divas Championship that could provide some real fire to the feud between the two women. They are both talented enough to have a feud that could rival the days of Trish Stratus and Lita.

Paige has been booked perfectly so far, and WWE Creative must continue this to cement her status as one of the company’s biggest female talents. She must come out on top in a lengthy feud against AJ Lee to mark her as the best of a new wave of Divas.