The NL (L)East and The NL (B)West

Sergio ValdezContributor IIJune 23, 2009

Entering this season, many believed that the NL west would be the weakest division in the NL and the East the best division. So far the West has proven to be a better division so far this year. It mostly has to do with the Dodgers having the best record in baseball, but the Giants and Rockies have also played well thus far. The Giants are loaded with pitching and could have a  shot at the wild card. The Rockies have been on a roll for about a month at one point 11 winning in a row. The Padres have 30 wins, but are under the .500 mark, and the D-backs have disappointed many people by struggling this year and are in last place. Over to the NL east, the world champion  Philadelphia Phillies are in first place with a 1.5 game lead over the New York Mets. As of late both the Phillies and Mets have been struggling as of late. The Phillies have lost their closer Brade Lidge to injury and, their best player in 2009, Raul Ibanez. The Mets have lost their spark plug  Jose Reyes and their power guy Carlos Delgado. Along with them Maine, Perez, Putz, and most recently Beltran are all on the disabled list. Despite the injuries the Mets are only 1.5 games out of first. The Marlins, after their great start, have struggled ever since, but are only 3 games out, and the Braves 4 out despite being 3 games under .500. The NL east has been a very mediocre division this year and it seems every team but Washington have a shot to win it if they could pull it together some how. You might think that the Nationals record might seemingly make the east a weaker division, but all these most of the teams in the division are sub.500 or slightly under. The third place Rockies have a better record than the 1st place Phillies. The NL east teams are 50-63 against the NL west and central. The NL west teams are 52-46 against the both the NL east and central. Both the NL central and west have been better then the east this year. Last year the Dodgers won the west winning only 84 games. The Phillies won the East with 92 games. This year it's completely different, but everyone agrees the important thing is to make the playoffs. In 2006 the St. Louis Cardinals barely made it into the playoffs winning only 82 games and managed to beat the Padres in the NLDS, The Powerful Mets in the NLCS, and the Tigers in the world series. But because of the weak NL east and the Dodgers huge lead in the west, it seems like the the Dodgers might easily take the west. The east is an open division right now that could be won by any of the four teams(Phillies, Mets, Marlins, Braves) It comes down to who plays better when it matter most and these past 2 years the Phillies have done that. We'll see if the NL east can pick it up and who will come on top at the end of the year.