Sami Zayn Is More Than Ready for a Main-Roster Call-Up

Ricardo CruzContributor IIIMay 2, 2014


In the coming weeks, we will be treated to the WWE debut of Adam Rose and the redebut of Bo Dallas. While both are talented wrestlers, the man most ready to make his main-roster debut is Sami Zayn.

Formerly known as "El Generico" on the independent circuit, Zayn has captivated audiences with his incredible wrestling skills. A veteran who has competed in nearly 30 countries, Zayn built up a fantastic career before even signing with the WWE.

Competing in Ring of Honor for almost seven years, Zayn quickly became a fan favorite as El Generico. His high-flying style and unique move set left fans wanting more of the Canadian-born wrestler. After a successful run with RoH and stints with several other promotions, Zayn finally inked a deal with the WWE in 2013.

Zayn made a splash in his television debut, where he defeated Curt Hawkins before scoring an upset win over Cesaro. The win over Cesaro would kick off a fierce rivalry between the two wrestlers.

One does not have to look much further than Zayn's matches against Cesaro to know that the NXT wrestler is ready for the main roster. The first two matches saw the pair trade wins, but it wasn't until the third meeting where Zayn got to show WWE fans just what he is capable of.

In what could easily be the best match in NXT history, Zayn and Cesaro went back and forth in an incredible 2-out-of-3 Falls match. Zayn showed off his quickness and unique skill set against one of the best pure wrestlers in the business in Cesaro.

Although he lost the match, he gained so much in his defeat.

Putting together another match of that caliber would be difficult for many, but we were all treated to another classic between the two at NXT Arrival.

It was a milestone match, as it was the first-ever match to be seen on the WWE Network. It set the tone for the rest of the night and raised the bar pretty high for the rest of the card.

In another back-and-forth match, Zayn and Cesaro once again put together a masterpiece of a match. The crowd recognized how great of a bout the two stars were putting on by cheering the entire match. Zayn showed tremendous heart and effort in a losing effort, but he earned the respect of Cesaro and the WWE Universe.

If the last match between the two didn't have people thinking that Zayn was ready for a move, then this match should have changed their minds.

Now, after being chosen to travel with several WWE Superstars to compete at shows in Saudi Arabia in mid-April, Zayn may be closer to a move to the main roster.

If he is able to produce the same type of matches that he did in Ring of Honor and NXT, Zayn may very well be the next breakout star from NXT.