Ric Flair Will Swerve Everyone and Align with Evolution at Extreme Rules

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 2, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

At Extreme Rules this Sunday, don’t be surprised if Ric Flair turns on The Shield and helps Evolution win the six-man tag match.

Flair, of course, made his long-awaited return to WWE on Monday. Everyone—including Evolution—was expecting Flair to heartily endorse his former teammates.

The two-time Hall of Famer had other ideas, though. He turned around and promptly proceeded to give his stamp of approval to Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

Triple H looked rather disgruntled with his one-time mentor’s antics. Even The Shield looked taken aback.

Honestly, the whole thing came off as rather flat and a big anticlimax, especially for a segment with Ric Flair. He praised “The Hounds of Justice” and put them over as a big deal, but now what?

WWE heavily hypes up his return, only for it to come off as a total afterthought?    

This leads me to believe that WWE is setting it up for Flair to turn on The Shield on Sunday and rejoin Evolution.  

First of all, WWE has shown in recent times that it likes to swerve people. Flair throwing his support behind Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose before turning on them at the pay-per-view is just the type of “shocking” twist Vince McMahon and his bookers would love.

Credit: WWE.com

Besides, Evolution desperately needs the presence of Flair again

Without him, the group feels like a dull corporate shell of its former self, something that has become apparent over the last several weeks.

The lively Flair can bring the charisma, spontaneity and sense of fun that Evolution 2.0 has been lacking thus far. They really would be must-see television with him back in the fold.

And with Batista apparently taking time off soon, per a PWInsider report two weeks ago, the group might need to get in some new members soon anyway.

Credit: WWE.com

Of course, the idea of Flair being a featured performer again does have its drawbacks.

Would Flair—whom the fans revere and love to cheer for—even truly work in a heel role right now? His popularity could be an issue.

Besides, Flair’s personal problems over the past few years have been widely documented. Can WWE really trust him to him to go full-time on the road once more?

“The Nature Boy” can undoubtedly be an enormous asset to Raw, both in terms of ratings and entertainment value. But is he honestly worth the risk? That’s something Vince will have to decide for himself in the next few weeks.