Matt Cassel......Accuracy Issues????

Spencer LemmonContributor IJune 23, 2009

      June 21st

      Fathers Day.

      A day to relax.

      A day to unwind.

      A day to read that Matt Cassel our future QB was beaten by two High School QB's  

      A day to realize that we might not be solid in the QB position.

      Our future Mr. Franchise, Go to guy Cassel participated in a 7 on 7 championship in Florida Sunday.

      Obviously knowing he would be there to smile for the camera, shake the right hands, woo the crowd, and entertain the young athletes. Never realizing that two High School QB's would soon best him in a Passing Accuracy Challenge. Leron Thomas of Glades Central and Phillip Ely of Tampa Plant.

      Wow maybe i'm the only one who is scratching his chin in awww.....on this one. I could understand a high school QB having an exceptional day but two guys beat him..... seriously I hope Cassel was just having an off day.... I mean come on man you are a Professional Athlete.

      Of course you could say throw some pads on them, put them in front of 11 others that want to put him on his back, and yeah their accuracy will decrease. But...the same goes for Cassel without pads he should be tagging targets all day.....He's a NFL QUARTERBACK!!!!!!!!!

      Maybe I'm just over reacting, Maybe it's nothing to be concerned about. Only the season ahead of us will tell the story of Cassel.

      Will it be......

      "Happily Ever After Atop the Cassel"    


      "The Cassel Comes  Crashing Down"


                     By the way I' still Pro-Thigpen....Go T-Thig