WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Stars with Most to Lose at PPV Event

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 2, 2014

WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Stars with Most to Lose at PPV Event

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    Credit: WWE.com

    As with every other pay-per-view event the WWE hosts, the pressure is well and truly on at Extreme Rules 2014.

    Whilst there are some guys on the roster who can relax at the event and compete without a huge weight on their shoulders, there are some who have plenty at stake.

    Whether it is guys who are just about to get their first crack at success in a lengthy period, or guys who are in need of a strong showing to stay at the top, there is plenty to look at when it comes to men who have things to lose.

    With Extreme Rules just around the corner, it seems an appropriate time to weigh up just which guys have the most to lose at the show. 

Roman Reigns

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    Credit: WWE.com

    We start with a man who will feature in what will likely be the main event at Extreme Rules. As one part of The Shield, Roman Reigns has ripped through the WWE and has created a legacy for himself when the group do decide to split.

    However, his momentum is getting so large that he faces a huge amount of pressure at Extreme Rules. At the pay-per-view, the trio simply have to deliver in their biggest match to date so far.

    Taking on Evolution is a sign that the WWE have faith in The Shield, and want them to spearhead the company for years to come.

    That is why the trio must not fail, especially Reigns. He is without doubt the focal point of the group, and he has plenty to lose if he puts in a poor showing. 

Randy Orton

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    Just as Roman Reigns faces pressure with The Shield, Randy Orton also has the same problem with Evolution.

    Triple H and Batista don't particularly have to deliver at Extreme Rules, and they certainly don't have anything to lose. However, Orton does.

    A strong showing could thrust him straight back into the championship picture when Evolution eventually disband once again.

    However, if he flatters to deceive, Orton could find himself slowly slipping down the pecking order when it comes to championship shots.

    Despite the pressure, Orton should be able to deliver. He played a great role in the main event at WrestleMania XXX, and he has really stepped up his game since he became WWE world heavyweight champion late last year. 

Bad News Barrett

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    Is this the last chance saloon for Wade Barrett? You get the impression that it could well be.

    After all, this huge push has come from seemingly nowhere. When Bad News Barrett debuted with his endless promos, you assumed he would be getting in the ring before long.

    While that failed to materialize, the WWE stuck with the character, and he now looks in pole position to become the Intercontinental champion at Extreme Rules.

    That simply has to happen. The belt needs freshening up, and Barrett would be a worthy custodian of the championship.

    If he doesn't get the job done, you dread to think what could be next for Bad News Barrett. 


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    Momentum is a funny thing in professional wrestling. You can work for months and months to build it up, and then it could disappear at a solitary pay-per-view.

    That is the position Cesaro could find himself in at Extreme Rules. It has been a steady rise from one half of The Real Americans, and it is a rise that is not yet complete.

    He simply has to beat Rob Van Dam and Jack Swagger at the pay-per-view. It seems the most logical result out of all three, and it would be certainly imperative for Cesaro's future.

    He has all the makings to be a star, but the WWE need to find a solid path to take him down. The addition of Paul Heyman as his manager has made things a touch confusing, and we need clarity on whether he is a face or a heel.

    Perhaps we will find those answers at Extreme Rules. 

Daniel Bryan

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The WWE world heavyweight champion inevitably has a lot to lose at a pay-per-view show. However, in the case of Daniel Bryan and Extreme Rules, the pressure is well and truly on.

    Bryan will be defending his title in a match many expect him to win. He will also be competing in surroundings that plenty will expect him to flourish in, too.

    After finally getting to the top of the tree as the coveted underdog, Bryan's next moves will dictate whether he can be a successful champion for a lengthy period of time.

    A good, solid victory at Extreme Rules will lay the platform for a credible championship reign. It is unlikely that Bryan will drop the belt against Kane, but it is important to note that a strong showing from the champion is essential for him moving forward.