WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Stars Who Will Take Advantage of Stipulations

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMay 2, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

It's almost time for the 2014 edition of Extreme Rules—a show that often promises much in the way of drama and excitement.

With more stipulations than any other pay-per-view, the onus is on the WWE and its roster to deliver a show of high quality as we continue to head out of WrestleMania XXX.

Some of those matches with stipulations should see guys flourish and prosper to new, exciting heights—which can only be a good thing for those watching the show.

But which men in particular will thrive in the surroundings they have been thrust into by WWE Creative?


Rob Van Dam

While a Triple Threat match may not seem like the most exciting of stipulations, it should certainly bring out the best of Rob Van Dam in his first pay-per-view back with the WWE.

Van Dam is a guy who thrives in situations in which plenty of opponents are on show. Competing against both Jack Swagger and Cesaro—in what is certainly a bizarre enough match in terms of storyline development—he should be able to put on a good show.

We are used to seeing Van Dam put his body on the line, after all. And with him likely having twice as many chances to entertain in ridiculous spots, the crowd should be well into the match.

With the emergence of Cesaro as a solo star and the exciting brand of action Van Dam brings to the table, we should be in for a great contest.


Daniel Bryan

WWE's newest champion will defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship for the first time on pay-per-view when he takes on Kane at Extreme Rules.

The match is a traditional Extreme Rules match, meaning there will be plenty of interesting spots between two men who used to be tag champions together.

Although Bryan will no doubt get a victory, the match should see him thrive under the stipulation that has been set.

Bryan will be pushing himself to the limit to entertain the crowd in attendance—after all, that is exactly what he has been doing for the last few months.


Bray Wyatt

If ever a match and a WWE Superstar went hand in hand, then surely Bray Wyatt and a steel cage are the perfect mix.

The demonic, twisted Wyatt will thrive in the metal structure, and that will no doubt make for a fascinating rematch with John Cena at Extreme Rules.

Cena is no stranger to cage matches—or the main event, for that matter—but Wyatt will excel in this relatively fresh environment for his character.

Expect to see the leader of The Wyatt Family take his crazy persona to new heights throughout Extreme Rules and work the crowd as brilliantly as he always does.

Out of all the guys who will be appearing at Extreme Rules 2014, Bray Wyatt will be the one who thrives under the stipulations more than anyone else.