Maidana vs. Mayweather: What Twitter Universe Is Saying Before Big-Time Bout

Scott PolacekFeatured ColumnistMay 2, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Jr., left, and Marcos Maidana pose for photos during a news conference Wednesday, April 30, 2014, in Las Vegas. The pair square off in a welterweight title fight on Saturday, May 3.  (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)
Isaac Brekken/Associated Press

Boxing’s most famous name will put his undefeated record to the test Saturday in Las Vegas against Marcos Maidana. 

Floyd Mayweather sports a 45-0 career record with 26 knockouts, while Maidana checks in at 35-3. However, it is worth noting that Maidana is known for his power and actually has 31 knockouts in those 35 wins.

While the fight will certainly be intriguing, let’s take a look at what the Twitter universe is saying in anticipation of the event.

Showtime Sports set up the action with this intimidating shot of the MGM lion and a photo of the staredown between the two fighters, which should certainly get you fired up for the bout:

Mayweather showed up in style to greet that lion, and writer and producer Alicia Zubikowski was there to capture the moment:

Of course, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mayweather arrived in style, given the amount of money he is set to make during the fight, as Bleacher Report pointed out:

Criticize the large differential in the purse if you want, but it is Mayweather that sports the undefeated record. A major reason why is because of his work ethic, which he was quick to share with fans:

ESPN’s Myron Medcalf feels that Mayweather will dominate the fight:

It is hard to argue with Medcalf’s logic.

Mayweather brings the entire package to the table. He packs power in his punches and is absolutely capable of going on the offensive flurry, but his best chance in this fight will be to demonstrate his speed and defensive prowess.

Maidana’s only realistic chance is to notch another knockout because he isn’t going to outbox Mayweather from a technical standpoint over the course of 12 rounds.

Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

Look for Mayweather to use his impressive speed and defensive prowess to avoid the crippling punch from Maidana and register the victory.

It would certainly add to his legacy, which is what Mayweather said he fights for, via Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times: "The legacy. When you mention boxing, all I want you to mention is one man, and that's Floyd Mayweather. When my career's over, I don't want y'all talking about nobody else." 

Despite Mayweather’s status as a potential legend and the favorite, Lace Up Boxing shared Maidana’s opinion on the fight and actually seemed to be in Maidana’s corner:

One group of supporters who don’t seem to be in Maidana’s corner are current and former athletes. Robert Griffin III, DeAngelo Hall, Jalen Rose and Terrance Williams all seemed to pledge their support to Mayweather:

One thing that will be important for Mayweather is to avoid distractions leading up to the fight, which boxing writer Steve Kim pointed out:

Of course, some distractions aren’t half bad, per Farmer of the Los Angeles Times:

Make sure you tune into the fight Saturday, but you can at least follow along on Twitter if you can’t watch it.