WWE WTF: CM Punk, the Son of a Plumber and More

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Why is CM Punk giving pep talks? What are Hornswoggle and El Torito doing with tables? Why is Dusty Rhodes so mad?

CM Punk again showed up in the dirtsheet cycle during life after WWE. Punk—an admitted atheist—decided to support Holy Trinity High school's baseball team. The irony doesn't end there as the former WWE champion went on to deliver a peptalk.

One would have to imagine it went something along the lines of “play hard, give it your all and never give up unless you get burnt out and/or frustrated with creative.”

Dusty Rhodes seems more than frustrated with a recent 50 Greatest Talkers list shelled out by WWE.com. Of course, the list did not honor the NWA legend with the top spot. This lead to a Twitter rant that was just incoherent enough to make you understand why he was slighted as the greatest talker.

Several wrestlers will be slighted out of a pay-per-view spot this Sunday in favor of the world's first Wee-L-C match. The match will pit Hornswoggle against fellow little person El Torito. Accordingly, expect a feud like this to draw a just a little money.


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