An Early Breakdown of Mets' Best Trade Bait

Shale BriskinContributor IIIMay 2, 2014

An Early Breakdown of Mets' Best Trade Bait

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    The New York Mets are off to a 15-11 start this season, but it's still very early to determine whether the Mets will be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline this season.

    If the Mets contend, they will likely try to add talent by the trade deadline in order to potentially have a better chance at winning the NL East division or get a wild-card spot.

    However, if the Mets were to stumble and become sellers, here are a few players that could be trade bait by late July.

Chris Young

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    This past offseason, outfielder Chris Young signed a one-year, $7.25 million contract for the 2014 season. Being that he is 30 and on a one-year deal, it would make more sense for the Mets to trade Young later this season to a contender, compared to younger players like Eric Young Jr. and Juan Lagares, or someone like Curtis Granderson, who has a long and expensive contract.

    No Mets infielders are either particularly deserving of getting traded or would be worth trading for in order to get back good value in return. Thus, Chris Young would be the most likely Mets hitter to get traded.

Jose Valverde

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    None of the Mets starters are either likely to be traded or would really be worth trading. However, there are a few relievers that could be potential trade bait near the trade deadline.

    One of them could be veteran Jose Valverde. Valverde signed a minor-league contract in the offseason, but he made the major league roster out of spring training. He has been part of the Mets bullpen ever since.

    At 36, Valverde is only signed for this season and definitely should not be considered part of the Mets' long-term future. Thus, the Mets could certainly afford to trade him if he pitches well through July.

Kyle Farnsworth

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    Another reliever the Mets can afford to move this season is fellow veteran Kyle Farnsworth. Like Valverde, Farnsworth signed a minor-league contract of his own in the offseason and will very likely not be a part of the team in 2015.

    At 38, this could possibly be the final season in Farnsworth's 16-year career. If the Mets are not contending by July, they will most likely try to trade Farnsworth to a contender and try to get something decent in return for him.