For the Win: The Coolest Stuff in Sports for the Week

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 2, 2014

For the Win: The Coolest Stuff in Sports for the Week

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    One dad made a web gem in the stands and a dog did the same on the field, giving us all we need for another rousing display of cool. 

    Come for the doggy video, but stay for the Stephen Curry GIF. 

    As we do at about this time, we are back with the best moments from the week, complete with videos that will put a smile on your face—as long as you like things that are awesome. 

    Feel free to plop anything we may have missed in the comments section, because sharing is caring. 

Fatherly Multitasking

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    Wednesday's game between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds featured one heck of a play. Only, the one we will remember came from the stands. 

    A screaming liner into the seats is snagged with one hand by a man in red, which is amazing to see by itself. Then you notice that he's carrying his kid in the other arm. 

    If he had a free hand, he may have just taken a selfie too. 

And for His Next Trick, He Will Make a Coach Disappear

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    Good news surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers has been scant this year. And really, this Vine video doesn't change that one bit, so continue with your previously scheduled pessimism, Purple and Gold fans. 

    The Vine comes from Nike Football and proclaims, "When you give Kobe a ball, expect magic."

    Of course, this means you have to actually get him the ball, because he can't do much sulking on the bench in street clothes. 


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    This really may have been the most famous video of the week, so we just had to include it here. 

    Our Sports Central explains that the Class-A Fort Wayne TinCaps and the Great Lakes Loons saw their game delayed after an impromptu bath broke out on the field. 

    The game was delayed for 18 minutes, and those in attendance had a brief respite from the heat—at least, that's a nice way of putting it. 

Kevin Frandsen's Baseball Spectacle

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    The Washington Nationals' Kevin Frandsen is some kind of wonderful. 

    Bleacher Report's Tristan Thornburgh spotted the above video featuring an outfielder who might want to create his own baseball version of an And 1 mixtape. 

    According to Jerry Blevins, Frandsen has thrown down this masterful play before, albeit in practice. 

The Dog Ate My Glove

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    More than Rob Gronkowski party photos, the sports world can't seem to get enough of animals going wild during sporting events. 

    This video certainly qualifies. 

    Western Oregon Athletics' YouTube account now has footage from the great glove heist of 2014, featuring an adorable dog who wasn't amused with all the softball going on. 

Robinson Cano Gets Booed Rather Politely

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    Robinson Cano continued his streak of not hitting home runs, taking his game back to New York. This time, of course, he would play at Yankee Stadium in a Seattle Mariners uniform. 

    The opportunity gave Jimmy Fallon all he needed to set up a rather hilarious skit involving the MLB star. 

    Fans got their shot at booing an image of Cano before meeting the real deal, which provided priceless reactions from each baseball fan. 

In a Galaxy Not so Far Away

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    This is the Star Wars fan video you are looking for. 

    Bleacher Report's Kyle Newport spotted this video from a self-professed Star Wars aficionado, Georgia receiver Chris Conley. 

    The video is but a taste of what we presume is a much longer Star Wars: Retribution fan film. Already, it looks better than Episodes I-III. 

Shenanigans Cam

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    This video holds no significance to the New York Rangers or the Stanley Cup playoffs at large. Consider this the sports version of that stupid cat video you watch everyday.

    Spike Lee and Jim Carrey teamed up for the next step in stadium cam tomfoolery. Forget the Kiss Cam, because we rather like whatever this is.  

The GIF That Keeps on Giving

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    The Score's Scott Johnson banged out a masterpiece of a GIF, celebrating one of the more captivating NBA superstars in the postseason. 

    Yahoo! Sports' Dan Devine explains that Curry hit five three-point shots in the first quarter of Sunday's Game 4, which helped lead the Golden State Warriors to a 118-97 win. 

    For those who don't have time to search for all five buckets, you now have a GIF a few seconds long. You really have to love social media.