Yes Boston, You're in the Playoffs Now

DevinContributor IApril 29, 2008

Is this really happening? Hawks tie series with Boston Celtics. Is Boston really this dominate team is it just all the hype?

Is it because the Hawks are home or is it because it the simple reality that they are just not that good of a team? Well when you let a single guy(Joe Johnson) score at wile it may bring the thought that they are going to choke. Anyway I believe that they will end up wining this series, I do not believe they will get pass Lebron Cavaliers in the second round. If Joe Johnson dropped 35 against them just imagine what Lebron can do.

Now don’t get me wrong in the begging of the season the Celtics look amazing, but come on your losing to a young inexperience Atlanta team. The only guy who been to the playoffs is Bibby and Johnson.

And if the Celtics get pass the Cave’s can they beat Detroit or even the Lakers or the Hornets if they make it to the finals. There is no way they can beat the experience Detroit. The Pistons have the three party as the own, cant forget Mr. Big Shot, Wallace and Rip.