F1: 2009 Not a "One Horse Race"

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F1: 2009 Not a

The picture above almost sums up the 2009 F1 World Championship scene.

Rubens Barrichello is, at the most, satisfied by his position but clearly upset that his teammate is taking all the glory.

Sebastian Vettel (blue) is really pleased with his position but has the confidence that he can still take the World Championship.

Jenson Button is ecstatic about where he is, first, but all that glory might be slipping away!

As it stands:

Jenson Button—Brawn—64 points
Rubens Barrichello—Brawn—41 points
Sebastian Vettel—Red Bull—39 points
To inexperienced or down beat F1 fans this would look like Button is running away with it!

But, to experienced and realistic F1 fans, this looks like Button is still running away with it, but with Vettel lightly breathing down his neck, for now...

You see, unfortunately for this years Championship, the "run away" leader Jenson Button also happens to be the most consistent driver out there. Even in his BAR Honda days Button—with the exception of last year—used to rack up solid, good, consistent points.

He is so comfortable in any car. He is a "smooth" driver, rarely putting a "hand" wrong. Like a machine, Jenson needs to be matched by whats below him, his car.

And he certainly has that this year! But who are the challengers?

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