Daniel Bryan Needs to Feud with Cesaro in 2014

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 1, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Could a Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro feud happen in 2014? WWE fans should certainly be hoping so.

Cesaro's stock, of course, is on the rise.

After a few years stuck languishing in the the lower midcard, the 33-year-old finally broke through earlier this month at WrestleMania XXX, when he won the heavily hyped Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Credit: WWE.com

The following evening he acrimoniously split with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger, announcing that he was now a “Paul Heyman Guy.”

Since then Cesaro has been on a roll, picking up win after win on WWE television. Minus the fact no one is quite sure whether or not he's still meant to be a heel, things are going great. WWE management finally appear to behind him, and with Heyman as his mouth-piece he looks almost certain to ascend to the top of the card.

Credit: WWE.com

And sooner or later—preferably sooner—that means a program with Bryan.

Bryan could also use a fresh challenger for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Let's be honest: Kane is a rather mediocre opponent, all things considered. Even the return of his trademark mask—it's been off and on too many times to count over the years—and some brutal beatdowns to Bryan on television have failed to make this angle any more compelling or must-see.

Credit: WWE.com

Is anyone that excited for the Bryan-Kane clash at Extreme Rules on May 4? It simply seems like WWE's booking team had no ideas for Bryan post-WrestleMania and just went with the safest, most boring option they could come up with.

Kane will hopefully be jettisoned from the main event picture after the pay-per-view—leading to a new opening for a challenger for the belt.

Who else can fill that role but Cesaro?

Credit: WWE.com

It nearly goes without saying that any Bryan-Cesaro pay-per-view match would be fantastic. It would not be hyperbole to call them two of the best wrestlers in the entire world right now—they both deliver in the ring time and time again.

The accompanying promos would be phenomenal too, particularly with Heyman in the mix. The prospect of two massively contrasting personalities like Heyman and Bryan interacting on screen is a hugely tantalizing one.

Cesaro and Bryan both have similar underdog stories too, adding to the intrigue. Both made their name in indie group Ring of Honor; both were burdened by not having the typical “WWE look” and had to struggle to rise to the top. Will this come up in promos? It seems likely.

Let’s hope WWE decides to give Cesaro a promotion to the main event and a high-profile program with Bryan. Anything else seems a waste of his considerable talents.