Nebraska Football: Projecting Post-Spring 2-Deep Depth Chart

Patrick Runge@@patrickrungeCorrespondent IMay 2, 2014

Nebraska Football: Projecting Post-Spring 2-Deep Depth Chart

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    Now that Nebraska football fans are preparing to go into the long summer before the college football season, it’s a good time to see how NU’s two-deep depth chart might look after the end of spring practice. Of course, much of this is conjecture, with injuries and newly arriving players doing much to change how this depth chart may look come August.

    But let’s at least make our best guess as to what Nebraska’s two-deep depth chart looks like at this stage.

Offensive Line

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    The emergence of Colorado transfer Alex Lewis at left tackle anchors what has the potential to be a very strong offensive line for Nebraska.

    Left Tackle: Alex Lewis, David Knevel

    Left Guard: Jake Cotton, Ryne Reeves

    Center: Mark Pelini, Paul Thurston

    Right Guard: Chongo Kondolo, Mike Moudy

    Right Tackle: Zach Sterup, Matt Finnin

Offensive Backs

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    A two-deep does little justice to Nebraska’s depth at I-back, not even including redshirt freshman Adam Taylor on the list.

    Quarterback: Tommy Armstrong, Ryker Fyfe OR Johnny Stanton

    I-Back: Ameer Abdullah, Imani Cross OR Terrell Newby

    Fullback: Andy Janovich, Harrison Jordan OR Mitch McCann


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    Competition at the slot receiver position could be particularly fierce, with Turner trying to win his starting position back from Westerkamp.

    Wide Receiver X: Kenny Bell, Alonzo Moore

    Wide Receiver Y: Taariq Allen, Sam Burtch

    Wide Receiver A: Jordan Westerkamp, Jamal Turner

    Tight End: Cethan Carter, Sam Cotton

Defensive Line

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    Gregory, perhaps the best overall player on the team, should headline a defensive line that looks to do a much better job of pressuring opposing quarterbacks.

    Defensive End: Randy Gregory, Greg McMullen, Joe Keels, A.J. Natter

    Defensive Tackle: Vincent Valentine, Kevin Maurice, Maliek Collins, Kevin Williams


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    Nebraska’s linebacker corps is very young, but very deep. Look for Anderson to be leading the way as the younger players grow into their roles.

    "WILL": Josh Banderas, David Santos

    "MIKE": Michael Rose, Trevor Roach

    "SAM": Zaire Anderson, Courtney Love


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    Mitchell and Cooper will be the leaders of Nebraska’s secondary, with a number of other positions up for grabs throughout the season.

    Cornerback: Josh Mitchell, Byerson Cockrell, Jonathan Rose, Zach Stovall

    Safety: Corey Cooper, LeRoy Alexander, Boaz Joseph, D.J. Singleton

    Nickel: Charles Jackson

Special Teams

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    Yes, the spring game was just one practice of 15, but Nebraska’s kicking game looked to be a hot mess. Don’t be surprised to see true freshman Brown see the field right away.

    Kickoff Specialist: Mauro Bondi

    Place-kicker: Drew Brown

    Punter: Sam Foltz

    Long Snapper: Gabriel Miller

    Punt Returner: Jamal Turner, Terrell Newby

    Kick Returner: Jamal Turner, Terrell Newby


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