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Bleacher Report featured columnists Mike Chiari, Donald Wood and Brandon Galvin give the lowdown on all things going on in the wrestling world. WWE Superstar Bad News Barrett also joined the show to offer his inside perspective on the business.

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Predicting Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

One week after suffering a brutal attack at the hands of Kane, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan returned to WWE programming on the go-home edition of Raw. Bryan sported a neck brace and was once again on the receiving end of a beat-down as The Big Red Monster gained even more momentum heading into Extreme Rules.


Question on Everybody's Mind: Who Will Win at Extreme Rules?

WWE needed to create a credible challenger for Bryan in his first true title defense since WrestleMania XXX, so it decided to get rid of Kane's corporate character in favor of a more familiar masked look. Kane immediately established himself by hitting Bryan with three tombstones a couple weeks ago, and he flashed his sadistic side as well by attempting to abduct Bryan's wife, Brie Bella. WWE played up Bryan's neck injury in a big way, but Bryan insisted that he would be ready for Extreme Rules.

Another nice wrinkle that the creative team added came when Bryan saved Brie from Kane initially. Bryan hit Kane with a wrench, and while it knocked him down momentarily, The Devil's Favorite Demon soon sat up. Kane looking impervious to pain will add some intrigue to Extreme Rules, especially since weapons will be fair game at the pay-per-view. Even if there isn't a significant belief that Kane can win, at least much of his legitimacy has been restored.


Ring Rust Radio's Take

The biggest key to Bryan's success is doing everything possible to make him look like the ultimate underdog. That is why the fans got behind him in the first place, and that is why they will stick behind him. From a booking perspective, it obviously makes no sense for Kane to beat Bryan. From a physical perspective, though, Kane dwarfs Bryan and looks like he can inflict some serious damage. The chips are stacked against Bryan in that regard from a storyline standpoint, and it will make his win at Extreme Rules look even more impressive.

Kane thrives in a hardcore element, and Bryan is capable of having great matches with everyone. Bryan and Kane also know each other well from their time together in Team Hell No, so the chemistry is present. That should make for an entertaining affair that will succeed in putting Bryan over. If there are plans to continue this feud, which there may very well be due to a lack of top contenders, WWE would be wise to allow Kane to get in plenty of offense and perhaps attack Bryan after the match.

Bryan will come away looking good no matter how he wins, and Kane will remain credible even in a losing effort.


Rumor Mill

Potential Future Plans for Bryan (WrestlingInc.com via Wrestling Observer)



Predicting Evolution vs. The Shield

The Shield continues to run roughshod over WWE, but it is possible that Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have finally met their match in the form of Evolution. Things have been quite even between the two factions to this point in their feud, and their clash at Extreme Rules could conceivably go either way. Because of that, Evolution vs. The Shield has the potential to establish itself as a match of the year candidate if it lives up to expectations.


Question on Everybody's Mind: Who Will Win at Extreme Rules?

Although the program between Evolution and The Shield is still in its infancy, it has all the makings of a great angle. Not only do both teams look strong thus far, but they can both benefit from a win at Extreme Rules as well. Evolution is made up of three established guys in Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton, but the fact that they just reunited means that they could really use a big victory under their belts in order to look like a credible threat moving forward.

As for The Shield, there is little doubt that Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins are all future top stars in the company. A win over three of the most-decorated stars in the history of the business would go a long way toward helping them reach the next level, but it isn't a must. The Shield has such an impressive body of work that the fans will buy in to them no matter what happens at Extreme Rules. A single loss simply can't curtail the momentum that The Hounds of Justice have built since debuting at Survivor Series 2012.


Ring Rust Radio's Take

If WWE intends to keep this feud going for the foreseeable future, then Evolution winning makes a lot of sense. The Shield haven't really been pushed to the limit or faced with adversity too often during their time in WWE, but Evolution is a trio that can push The Shield to the brink. Scoring a win at Extreme Rules will prove that all three Evolution members are on the same page, and it will put The Shield in an unfamiliar position. The idea of The Shield seeking revenge is quite enticing and seems like a much better story than Evolution serving in that role.

The key is that Evolution likely won't score a clean win. Ric Flair appeared on Raw and endorsed The Shield, although he winked at his former Evolution mates on the way out of the ring. That would seem to suggest that Flair has a trick up his sleeve, so he may very well get involved at Extreme Rules. Triple H has used his pull thus far to hold The Shield down to a certain extent, and using Flair to his advantage would fit his conniving character. Losing in that fashion is something that The Shield could easily bounce back from, and it would add more fuel to the fire that is their rivalry.


Rumor Mill

Triple H vs. Roman Reigns Discussed for SummerSlam (ProWrestling.com via Wrestling Observer)



RRR Interview with WWE's Bad News Barrett

Since adopting his new character on WWE programming a few months ago, Bad New Barrett has started to gain a great deal of traction with the fans. Barrett was once considered a future world champion by many, and although his career has experienced some peaks and valleys, the big and talented Brit is back on track to realize his ultimate goal. Barrett joined Ring Rust Radio to discuss the first step in his journey to the top.


Question on Everybody's Mind: Will Barrett Win the IC Title at Extreme Rules?

Barrett was out of action on WWE programming for several months until returning recently. During his time out of the ring, Barrett developed a new gimmick that saw him deliver bad news to WWE Superstars and the WWE Universe. Barrett first started using the character on WWE.com's JBL & Cole Show, and he anticipates other talents following in his footsteps due to his success thus far.

"I've kind of been the first success of a character that's been born on WWE.com and that's the way of the future," Barrett said. ... "The fact that I was able to do that away from TV programming, which is hard to get time on when you're trying to debut a new character, it's worked out pretty well for me for sure, so I'm sure people have seen that and decided to think of some ideas on their own."

Although Barrett has only been in action for a few weeks, he has made his presence felt. Barrett ran through the No. 1 contender's tournament for the Intercontinental Championship by beating Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus and Rob Van Dam, and he will now take on Big E for the IC title at Extreme Rules.


Ring Rust Radio's Take

Having already won the Intercontinental Championship on three occasions, Barrett has an opportunity to enter elite company on Sunday. Chris Jericho, Triple H, Edge and RVD are among the stars who have held that prestigious title at least four times, and Barrett is hopeful that he will join that list of current and future Hall of Famers.

"It would be pretty cool," Barrett said. "Ultimately I'd like to have just held it once and had it for the entire time, the last three years or whatever it would be, the fact that you're a four-time champion also means that you lost it at least three times, possibly four times, so it's kind of a good thing and a bad thing. To be always in that mix and challenging and getting titles is important for me. I want to stay relevant on TV and involved in important angles and things like that."

Based on the amount of momentum that Barrett has on his side right now, it is very difficult to imagine him losing to Big E. While Big E is promising in his own right, he simply doesn't garner the fan reaction that Barrett does. The true challenge for Barrett if he wins the title will be remaining relevant since WWE tends to have trouble booking its mid card at times, but there is no doubt that Barrett has staying power and unlimited potential.


Donald Wood's B/R Article

Bad News Barrett Talks WWE Extreme Rules, IC Title and More on Ring Rust Radio



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