Kony Ealy NFL Draft 2014: Grading Panthers' 2nd-Round Pick

Team Stream NowB/R VideoMay 9, 2014

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Kony Ealy was drafted 60th overall by the Carolina Panthers in the 2014 NFL draft. The Missouri defensive end looks to be a talented pass-rusher, and his potential was ultimately too much for the Panthers to pass up. 

Ealy paired with fellow former Missouri Tiger Michael Sam to form a dynamic duo of pass-rushing defensive ends last season. He wreaked havoc in opposing backfields and gained a reputation as a force coming off the edge. 

The defensive end is as potential-filled as any prospect in the draft, possessing phenomenal athleticism, speed and strength. He's a fantastic pass-rusher off the edge and has a nose for the quarterback. With his speed and strength combination, the sky's the limit for him.

But, the former Tiger isn't a perfect prospect by any stretch. He can be pushed around by bigger linemen, and he struggles when asked to drop back in pass coverage, frequently looking lost. He has difficulties against the run as well, with his aggressive rush style often putting him out of position to make plays on the run. 

Will Ealy's athleticism make him a force in the pros, or will his raw skills fail to translate? Watch as our draft experts discuss Ealy's ceiling and what the pass-rusher brings to the NFL.