Brooklyn Nets Troll Their Own Fans on Official Twitter Account

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistMay 1, 2014

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If you can't beat them, demand your fans be more like them.

Rarely does an NBA team troll its own fans. In fact, it may have never happened before—until now.

The Brooklyn Nets' official Twitter account gave fans some homework during the team's Game 5 loss to the Toronto Raptors Wednesday night:

UPDATE: Thursday, May 1, at 12:10 p.m. ET by Dan Favale

Brooklyn now appears to be distancing itself from the initial tweet:

Remember, if at first you offend your fans, deny, deny, deny.

Original Text

Loose translation: Be louder, more Raptor-y, Brooklyn.

Your progress will be graded accordingly during Game 6.