Valencia vs. Sevilla: Live Player Ratings

Dan ColasimoneContributor IMay 1, 2014

Sevilla's Coke celebrates on the end their Europa League semifinal second leg soccer match against Valencia at the Mestalla stadium in Valencia, Spain, Thursday, May 1, 2014. alencia lost 2-0 in the first leg at Sevilla. The game ended 3-1 and Sevilla qualified for the final Europa League. (AP Photo/Alberto Saiz)
Alberto Saiz/Associated Press

Valencia 3 - 1 Sevilla (Full-time)

Valencia may have completely dominated the game, but it is Sevilla who go through to the Europa League final after a stunning late goal from Mbia.

The away side deserve credit for their bravery, and for not falling apart after going 2-0 down in the first 26 minutes, but Valencia really threw this one away.

Here's how the players from both sides performed:



 Alves 9 7
 Joao 7 7
 R. Costa 7 7
 Mathieu 8 8
 Bernat 7 8
 D. Parejo 8 8
 Keita 6 7
 Feghouli 9 8
 Vargas 7 6
 Piatti 6 6
 Jonas 8 8



 Beto 5 6
 Coke 6 7
 Pareja 5 5
 Fazio 5 6
 Navarro 5 4
 Mbia 5 7
 Carrico 5 6
 Vitolo 5 5
 Rakitic 6 5
 Reyes 2 3
 Bacca 6 6


Performance Reviews (Full-time)


Alves: Pulled off a stunning save from Reyes in the first half, but could not prevent Mbia's goal at the death.

Joao: Drew right back as the match entered its final stages, but was sound for most of the game.

R. Costa: Battled admirably for the entire match. Had some great stoushes with Bacca.

Mathieu: Could be held somewhat responsible for Mbia getting free in the box, but was brilliant otherwise. Lumbered forward on several occasions to fire his booming shots, and of course got himself a goal from a corner. 

Bernat: Highly involved in Valencia's attacks. Had a fine game.

D. Parejo: In stark contrast to his match last week, Parejo was superb today in conducting play from deep. Valencia missed him when he went off in the second half.

Keita: Not a particularly flashy game, but he distributed well from deep, especially in the second half.

Feghouli: Valencia's best, along with Parejo. Showed some wonderful skills and lots of creativity.

Vargas: Did plenty of hard work defensively, but could have contributed a bit more in attack.

Piatti: Had a few decent moments, but not a huge contributor. 

Jonas: Led the line well in the absence of Paco Alcacer. Played the role of target man on occasion, but was also very mobile.



Beto: Not his best night. Was at fault for Valencia's second goal, which rebounded in off his back.

Coke: Came into the match as it progressed. He got further and further forward in the second half and helped out in attack.

Pareja: Was all at sea in the early stages, but did well to recover his composure in the second half.

Fazio: Same story as his centre-back partner, Pareja. He is also a useful weapon going forward because of his size, and provided the assist on the goal.

Navarro: Had little influence on the game, couldn't control Feghouli, and was barely able to get forward.

Mbia: Well, he was nowhere near as dominant in the middle of the pitch as last week, but his late goal was probably the most valuable he will ever score.

Carrico: Came into the game late on after having very little say for most of the 90 minutes.

Vitolo: Offered little in terms of attacking spark or creativity.

Rakitic: Early on it looked like he might be up for a repeat of his heroics in the first leg, but saw very little of the ball after that and was unable to have an influence.

Reyes: Atrocious performance, really, from the former Arsenal man. Did almost nothing all game and missed an absolute sitter. 

Bacca: Looked dangerous when found by his teammates, but they couldn't find him enough. Ran out of steam in the second half and was replaced.