Paige vs. Tamina Will Be the Beginning of a Revitalized Divas Division

Ricardo CruzContributor IIIMay 1, 2014

The Divas Championship match at Extreme Rules this Sunday will begin to make the division blossom once again.

Expect Paige and Tamina to showcase their excellent wrestling pedigrees.

Since making her WWE debut, Paige has made the division a lot better. She brings a strong work ethic and excellent mat skills. While she hasn't really had a chance to show off her full repertoire and Anti-Diva personality, with each match she competes in, we get to see a little more of what helped her become NXT's first women's champion.

For those who watch NXT, they know the types of matches Paige is capable of putting on. Her matches against Emma were some of the best Divas work I've seen in years, maybe since the Trish Stratus and Lita days.

Her recent matches against Aksana and Alicia Fox have been some of the better Divas action we have seen of late. It seems like the addition of Paige has made the other Divas compete harder.

Paige won't be able to save the division by herself, but she definitely makes it much stronger.

That is where Tamina comes in.

While everyone would prefer to see a Paige and AJ Lee rivalry, those plans were thrown for a loop when Lee requested time off. However, Tamina is the best option in Lee's absence.

Tamina is a great heel choice to counter Paige.

For those who don't know, Tamina is the daughter of Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. She comes from a strong wrestling background and is capable of putting on good matches.

Although Tamina was mostly used as a bodyguard and we rarely got to see her in singles action, she has a great power-wrestling move set that would mesh very well with Paige's mat skills.

If the WWE wants to continue to make Paige look like an underdog, Tamina is the perfect opponent to do that. She is a physically imposing Diva and has the skills to match.

Her recent match against Natalya on SmackDown may not have been the prettiest, but she still has a lot to offer to the division as a singles competitor. 

Depending on the outcome of Sunday's match, the WWE has a few different options for the division moving forward. 

With Paige and Emma capable of putting together great matches, this would be a great choice if Paige retains. Of course, when Lee returns, that would be the best choice for a feud.

Again, while this might not be the match everyone wanted, it will be a good stepping stone toward a revitalized division.