Why Sergio Aguero Must Be Manchester City's Most Valuable Player vs. Everton

Phil KeidelContributor IIMay 1, 2014

City need Aguero to be the dominant Aguero against Everton.
City need Aguero to be the dominant Aguero against Everton.Rui Vieira/Associated Press

Manchester City, for what feels like the 10th or 20th time this season, hold their Premier League title destiny in their hands again.

The Sky Blues desperately need their best attacking player, Sergio Aguero, to regain his scoring touch in City's next match at Everton.

Every time City go to grab the league trophy, they seem to have some combination of hand lotion, motor oil and chicken grease coating their hands.

City must win their last three matches to have a legitimate shot at saving their title chase. After losing at home to Chelsea, Liverpool cannot reasonably be expected to drop points to either Crystal Palace (who City just humbled at Selhurst Park) or Newcastle United (who are in complete free fall).

Assuming Liverpool take those six points, anything shy of nine from City's last three matches will not be enough. As with Liverpool's schedule, City's final two league matches are very winnable. Neither Aston Villa nor West Ham United will be favored at the Etihad.

So City's season may just come down to the result the Sky Blues achieve against Everton.

City's record at Goodison Park is not good. Actually, that is a huge understatement. City's record at Goodison Park is embarrassing and sad.

City need a hero to lift them past Everton, and it would be a terrific time for Aguero to be that hero.

Aguero entered this season, as with every season of the past few, as City's presumptive No. 1 striker. He leads City's strikers in goals, but not the team. Aguero's 16 goals trail Yaya Toure's 19 for the club lead.

As with last season, Aguero has been limited intermittently in 2013-14 by leg injuries large and small. Those injuries are part of the reason that Aguero has scored one Premier League goal since Jan. 29.

One goal. To put that in perspective, Sunderland's Connor Wickham has five league goals in his past three starts.

The only thing that can keep City's season from being at least a mild disappointment to the club's supporters is the Premier League trophy.

Aguero's season, which started with such promise, will similarly be a letdown for all concerned if he cannot find a goal (or two, or three) in City's final three matches.

City and Aguero would be well served if Aguero can address both concerns with a great match at Goodison Park.

Any great player is defined by his performances in his side's biggest matches. Aguero's legacy at City will always be the goal that won the league for City two seasons ago.

Part of having that legacy is building on it. 

Objectively, City have the better side and the best striker set to play at Goodison Park.

City need Aguero to go out and prove it.