Gio Gonzalez Features in Epic High School Prom Proposal

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 30, 2014

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Gio Gonzalez is a legendary wingman. 

The Washington Post's Scott Allen reports on the Washington National's pitcher and some help given to a high-schooler who just didn't know how to ask his girlfriend to prom. 

Well, he knew how, but nothing all that creative came to mind. That's when Nick Rolle, a Georgetown Prep senior, decided to call in a favor to his grandfather, who happens to be MASN studio host Johnny Holliday. 

The two collaborated and decided the perfect man for the job was star left-hander Gonzalez, who was tasked with merely laying in a perfect pitch. 

Rolle squired his girlfriend Lauren Thomas, a senior at Holy Child, to the April 21 Nationals game, which doubled as a huge stage for a simple question. 

As Allen reports, the two were enjoying batting practice at field level when Gonzalez showed up with a ball for Thomas. Thankfully, The Washington Post tweeted out an image of that particular baseball: 

Though we applaud Gio's penmanship, we will help him out, explaining the ball reads: "Lauren—Nick hopes you’ll go to prom with him."

We now feel rather silly about our own respective manner of awkwardly stammering around the subject and eventually blurting out the classic high school question so many years ago. 

Where was an MLB star pitcher when we needed one?

Rolle continued, explaining all went as well as you might imagine: 

She smiled and was just really, really surprised. She said yes, and Gio hung around and joked with us for a few minutes. It was perfect; he was so down to Earth. He could’ve just given us the ball and walked away, but he spent some time with us.

Now if you are a tad envious that Rolle just bested your now archaic manner of asking someone on a date, rest easy. You wouldn't want to be in high school nowadays anyway. 

Rolle explains, "This day and age it’s kind of important how you ask. It’s almost as important as the actual night, especially if you have a girlfriend."

High school, it seems, is a lot of work. Lacking creativity and connections, we are so grateful those days are long behind us. 

Allen continues that the couple will head to each other's respective proms, giving them two dances to enjoy in the near future. 

We will follow this slippery slope down into presumed insanity, when high school boyfriends tweet at star athletes to do them a solid with their prom proposal. 

Let's just stop you right there, because it is only special the first time. Rolle managed to steal one incredibly cool idea, leaving the rest of you young fellas to look elsewhere—perhaps other leagues. 


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