UFC Light Heavyweight Contention

Tyler DunnContributor IJune 23, 2009

Heavyweight Division i decided I'd post the Light Heavyweight rankings. This list is a little longer so excuse me if explanations aren't as long. Also the rankings may cause some disagreement.

Once again, rankings are based on popularity, key wins, and key losses. Enjoy!


29. Kyle Klingsbury

I'm not sure if this guys been fired or not but as far as i know he has not been fired. Please comment me for updates.


28. James Lee

Once again, is this guy still in the UFC?


27. Razak Al-Hassan

A loss to Steve Cantwell and a dislocated elbow puts him at 27.

26. Houston Alexander

Three losses in a row all to low ranked opponents puts this child saver, 1 kidneyed, heavy hitter on the out skirts of the top 25.


25. Andre Gusmao

Once agian i'm pretty sure he'll be fired after UFC 97 but as for now. he's on the list.

24. Brian Stann

Being the former WEC champ doesn't do Brian Stann too well. he's 0-1 and shows no sign of rebounding. Luckily, Soszynski is not a bad guy to lose to.


23. Mark Coleman

This hall of famer sits low but if he can get just one win in the octagon, his stock will rise dramatically. It'll make him 1-1 with his only loss to highly ranked Rua. He better hope Stephan Bonnar drops the ball.


22. Mike Ciensolenz

I don't think thats how you spell it but anyways. He just lost to Drwal who is on a tear at the moment. Too bad his win over Neil Grove don't count for shit

21. Jake O'Brien

Too bad his Heavyweight fights don't count for much. or he'd be higher. For now he's 1-0 with a win over Wellisch. Won't take much to surpass him.

20. Jason Brilz

He's 2-0 in the UFC they may be low rate opponents who aren't in the UFC anymore but 2-0 gets you in the top 20 these days.


19. Elliot Marshall

2-0 in the UFC but once again, both opponents are out of the UFC. Damn you Vinnie!! my hopes were so high for you.


18. Brandon Vera

1-1 in the light heavyweight division with a win over Michael Patt doesn't put you far in the most hyped division in the UFC.


17. Thomas Drwal

Truthfully, this guy is suprising me. I thought he sucked and that Ivan Sertai would take him out...I was wrong. Then I thought Mike C. would do the trick...wrong again. So now he stands 2-1 with up as the only acceptable option. For some reason I sense him against Eric Schafer happening.


16. Eric Schafer

This guy has had an up and down career. Winning and losing is a back and forth battle. At the moment he stands at No. 16. My guess....he'll move up and down in this ranking.


15. Stephan Bonnar

He's got a war against Mark Coleman coming up. The loss to Jon Jones hurt him but he's in the top 15 and thats not bad.


14. Steve Cantwell

Steve is the former WEC Champion and a decision loss to Luis Cane hurts him but it leaves him a whole hell of a lot higher than Razak Al-Hassan after the Fight For The Troops Battle.

13. Ryan Bader

Unlucky 13 goes to Ryan Bader and before you start calling my rankings a crock let me remind you this is also based on popularity and this TUF winner has a lot of it. He's 2-0 and popular. That's more than anyone below him can say.

12. Matt Hamill

The Hammer takes the No. 12 spot. he holds wins over nobodies but he's very popualar and always on TV that helps a lot. A win over Vera will undoubtfully put him in the top 10.


11.  Jon Jones

Jones just misses the top 10. I guess a win over Bonnar And Gusmao only gets you so far. Sadly, who knows if a win over O'Brien will do the job either.


10. Thiago Silva

And sitting in the No. 10 spot is Thiago Silva. His loss to Lyoto Machida doesn't hurt, but his wins aren't to high in rankings. The fight with Jardine will determine a lot.


9. Krystof Soszynski

The Polish Experiment is 3-0 and on a tear. He's on TV and gaining popularity. Knockouts and Submissions. Now please, Joe Silva, give this guy someone real. I suggest the loser of Silva/Jardine.


8. Chuck Liddell
Chuck may be retired, (I predict he's not) but for the moment he's on the roster. Though he's on a 2 fight loss sreak and 4 out of 5, look at his opponents. I can't cast any shame.


7. Luis Cane

Luis is unknown but he's a beast; I predict he's top 5 talent but for the moment he's No. 7. Expect him to take on big competition. As high as he's ranked, it's only a matter of time before somebody big takes on Banha.


6. Keith Jardine

Chuck, Vera, Griffin. These wins keep this guy WAY up here. but to stay up here he needs to beat Thiago Silva. I'm betting he does it.

5. Rich Franklin

Now I must admit, Rich Franklin is my favorite fighter so this may be biased, but a win at 195 counts for something as well as a win over Hamill. He may have lost to Henderson (BULLSHIT), but he's popular and it keeps him up here. I expect him to take on the winner of Jardine/Silva or a match against Forrest Griffin.


4. Mauricio Rua
Ya, he's the No. 1 contender in the UFC but the truth is he shouldn't be. Wins over Liddell and Coleman just don't cut it. In my opinion, he should have fought another guy first.

3. Quinton Jackson

All eyes were awaiting him to take on Machida because he's got a win over Liddell and Jardine. The only thing holding him back is the loss to Forrest Griffin. A win over Evans is a guarantee No. 1 spot.


2. Forrest Griffin

He's popular and he beat Jackson. That's enough to get number two. Sadly a win over Anderson won't really put him in the No. 1 spot, so he's sitting in the top 5 with nowhere to go.


1. Rashad Evans

In the No. 1 spot, we got the former champion. He's beaten Griffin and Liddell with only 1 loss to the champ. Beating rampage will give him the rematch he wants. A loss will severely hurt him.


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