John Daly Gone Wild!

Ryan ColleyCorrespondent IApril 29, 2008

In a recent report out of Branson, Mo., John Daly was seen in a television report without a shirt and shoes, holding a cigar, and playing a round of golf at Murder Rock Golf Club, which he owns.

Daly, a known long-drive low-life, is just adding material for us to gawk at.

It won't be long before his antics will overrule any decent happenings on the PGA Tour. In fact, his days on the PGA Tour may be numbered because of this and the resulting posting of the video on YouTube.

It seems as though he just wants attention.

I know that golfing without shoes is more common and less inconsiderate compared to golfing with a well-established beer gut. It would be quite different if Daly was an all-around decent golfer, but let's face the facts, the guy has been out of it ever since he began to drink heavily.

The question here is whether he can come back from something like this, oh wait, he won't!

It's this kind of action that gets him attention, even if its only a 30 second spot from ESPN and other networks.

He may not be one of the great golfers, but he sure knows how to humiliate himself beyond previously heard of levels.