Absolutely Awful Things Fans Say at Games

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMay 2, 2014

Absolutely Awful Things Fans Say at Games

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    It's no secret that sports fans aren't just passionate, they're also a little bit crazy.

    So while we're asked to be on our best behavior anytime we go to a game, we know that it won't always be the case.

    With some folks crossing the line between booing and downright hate, here are a few awful things that fans say while watching a game live.

'You're Supposed to Be an All-Star'

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    It's bad when a home crowd turns against an entire team for playing like garbage—especially when that team happens to be the conference's No. 1 seed in the playoffs.

    But when a fan turns on one particular player—who is an All-Star and, at one point, an MVP candidate—that's when you know things are really bad.

    That's what happened to Indiana Pacers star Paul George, though, as he got picked on by one guy in the stands, who questioned his ability big time.

Cheering When a Player Is Hurt

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    Sometimes it's the simplest acts that leave the biggest mark.

    While most athletes can say they don't listen to the crowd or read the newspaper, these guys are still human, so of course they'll have similar reactions as you or I would.

    And when a guy goes down with an injury and people cheer, well, that's just messed up—and a total bush league move by fans.

'It's a F-----g Game'

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    While it's expected for a visiting player to get heckled when he fouls out, sent off or ejected, fans need to remember that there's a line—and should it be crossed, the athlete might just snap.

    It's what seemed to happen here to Evo-Stik South captain Karl Colley, who was ragged while walking to the tunnel and, apparently, was offended by a few things opposing fans said to him.

    I'm sure it wasn't the words "it's a f-----g game" that got to him—but they definitely didn't help calm him down.

    Editor's Note: Video contains strong language.

'What Are You Trying to Hide, Prison Tattoos or Track Marks?'

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    This might the most PG-rated thing that Missouri Tiger basketball fans said during a few games earlier this year, because there's no way in hell that's what got them kicked out of two straight homes games.

    To all college kids out there—be creative with signs, jump around in your face paint and multi-colored wigs and even yell a few inappropriate things every once in awhile.

    But for the sake of not embarrassing yourself or your school, stay away from anything that's offensive enough to get an entire section booted from the arena.

Whatever This Guy Said

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    Remember, kids, never boo an athlete when he's injured.


    In some cases, karma will come back and bite you in the ass—like it did to this Colorado Avalanche fan, who was taunting former Chicago Blackhawks player Steve Sullivan.

    Who knows what the guy actually said, but seeing how he got nailed by a puck soon thereafter, it had to be something that warranted a reaction from a higher power.

'Your Friends Don't Even Like You'

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    Like a few other examples on this list, what this raucous New York Mets fan is yelling toward opposing player Matt Diaz might not have been vulgar, but for his relentless pursuit of razzing the guy, I had to add it.

    While Diaz did play to the fan a few times, there's no way in hell that this guy didn't get a little bit under the outfielder's skin—even if it was just a few snarky remarks and not anything totally disrespectful.


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    OK, so this one isn't exactly from a real event, but since Happy Gilmore might just be my all-time favorite movie, I just had to include it.

    Talking during a golfer's backswing is always poor form. Doing it and yelling something vulgar is, well, a jackass move in itself.

    Still, it provides good laughs when done in a flick.

'Garbage! Garbage! Garbage!'

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    I'm all for booing and being pissed off following your team losing, getting blown out or doing either without showing any interest in the game at all.

    But to some people, that just isn't enough.

    Nope, they ridicule players and compare them to garbage—right to their faces—which isn't exactly the nicest thing a person can be referred to.

Anything About a Player's Mom

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    Ask any trash-talking athlete, and he'll tell you that of all the things said during the game, the one thing that's always off-limits is another guy's family.

    That doesn't mean that fans abide by the same unwritten rules, though.

    There have been several instances where a player's family has been ripped on by a fan. One came in a 2011 game between the Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons, when a fan wondered if LeBron James' mom would be spending Valentine's Day in Boston—thanks to a certain rumor that circulated a year prior.

    James reacted in a not-so-kind manner, as most of us probably would expect.

Everything This Fan Endured

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    Trust me, as a Cleveland sports fan, I know a thing or two about wanting to let loose on any fellow fan who still shows support for LeBron James since he left in 2010—and this guy has experienced it.

    But after reading this story about the harassment one Minnesota Wild fan endured while catching a game in enemy territory, it showed how downright mean rival, bitter fans can be toward another dude—especially when that person wears the jersey of an ex-hometown guy.

Something to Make a Guy Cry

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    As I mentioned earlier, athletes are supposed to be tough and tune out the things that fans yell their way, but sometimes it's just too tough.

    Take this Turkish soccer player, Volkan Sen, for instance.

    Last year, his home fans rode him so hard with insults that he not only cried, but he was comforted by players on both teams as he walked off the pitch.

    While there's no confirmed reason for it, it's said to be related to fans talking about his then-recently deceased mom—which is about as screwed up as anyone can get.

Anything Racist

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    As we've unfortunately seen from soon-to-be former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, racism in sports isn't gone.

    And while the NBA came down hard on Sterling, there are still more than a few sports fans out there who think that trying to degrade an athlete is fair game.

    While hateful and ignorant, some athletes have been shown to shrug it off lightheartedly—like FC Barcelona's Dani Alves did.