Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth and Xavier Woods: Winner and Post-Match Reaction

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistMay 4, 2014

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Alexander Rusev has looked like an indestructible force during his brief time on the WWE roster, and continued to be so at Extreme Rules, as he defeated R-Truth and Xavier Woods in a Handicap Match.

During the build toward Extreme Rules, Rusev decimated a number of low-card Superstars in singles matches, including Truth and Woods. In an effort to take down the Bulgarian Brute, Truth and Woods decided to join forces on Sunday night.

Unfortunately for the overmatched duo, Rusev was simply too much to handle. The Super Athlete's fantastic skill set was on full display as he picked up what figures to be the first of many pay-per-view victories.

The legendary Jim Ross had an interesting comparison for Rusev: 

BryanisWWE had a strong take on the match:

Rusev's build has been slow and deliberate, helped along by the presence of his valet, Lana. Since Rusev isn't given any mic time, the Ravishing Russian has been given the task of getting him over in that regard.

As seen in this photo courtesy of WWE's Instagram account, they make for a very interesting pairing that certainly turns heads:

After an impressive showing in the Royal Rumble match, Rusev was kept out of WWE in-ring competition for several weeks as Lana hyped his official debut. That finally came on the Raw following WrestleMania XXX, and Rusev hasn't looked back.

There wasn't necessarily a great deal of excitement surrounding this match since most figured that a Rusev victory was a foregone conclusion. At the same time, it was nice to see some fresh faces on pay-per-view.

Woods was particularly excited about the opportunity to face Rusev, due to the fact that their feud dates back to their time in NXT together:

Truth added a certain amount of familiarity and experience to the contest, and his involvement allowed Rusev to pick up a win over an established guy.

The focus now shifts toward what Rusev will do moving forward. There are plenty of midcard talents out there for him to take on, but he needs to take that next step in terms of facing more credible opponents.

Squash matches are a great way to initially build up a dominant heel, but the fans are bound to get bored with him if the creative team continues to go back to that well without any type of progression.

A very real and intriguing possibility for Rusev is a feud with Big Show. While Big Show isn't necessarily a top guy anymore, he is a future Hall of Famer and has accomplished a great deal within the business. In that way, he would be a great stepping stone for Rusev.

Big Show isn't currently involved in any type of feud or angle, so he is a well-known guy whom WWE can put up against Rusev without any reservations.

Rusev is an extremely powerful guy, but the WWE Universe hasn't gotten to see him utilize his strength to its fullest potential. If he can match or exceed Big Show in that area, though, it will make Rusev look like a million bucks.

If Rusev is going to eventually develop into a top heel who can challenge the likes of Daniel Bryan and John Cena, then locking horns with a guy like Big Show or perhaps even Sheamus makes plenty of sense for him in the near future.

Rusev's win over Woods and Truth was certainly a step in the right direction, but it is clearly time for some bigger challenges.


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