Fan Brawl Breaks out at Flyers-Rangers Game, Philadelphia Fans Show No Mercy

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 30, 2014

You mess with Philadelphia, you go in the grinder.


Wearing away colors at a Flyers game (or any Philadelphia sporting event) is a bit like chumming the water off the coast of South Africa. You’re going to attract some unwelcome attention.

According to Samer Kalaf of Deadspin, Flyers fans attending Game 6 of their series against the Rangers threw down with a number of New York fans.

YouTube uploader Broni Montana uploaded video of the brawl, which shows Philly fans doing what they're known for doing. After all, Philly fans hammer people.

Warning: Video contains NSFW language and toxic levels of New York hatred.

Here’s another angle of the fight, courtesy of YouTube uploader SportsEye.

More Warnings: NSFW language and more New York hatred.

Good times!

The fight took place up in the far reaches of the mezzanine level at the Wells Fargo Center, where snitches get got and the weak are eaten like cake pops.

A Deadspin tipster (and Flyers fans) at the game alleges that the Rangers fans had been taunting Philadelphia supporters for most of the game prior to the retaliation. 

Per Deadspin tipster “Chris”:

“[A] kid wearing [a] Blue Rangers jersey with the letters going diagonal down his chest was egging the crowd all game taunted screaming, acting like a typical drunk teenager… security guards attempted to pull him out of his seats where he resisted and that's where he flailed his arms (not in video) and hit a flyers fan. Brawl ensued.”

In other words, Rangers fans asked and they received.

The brawl comes as little surprise, considering the playoff atmosphere and perennial state of relations (or lack thereof) between New York and Philadelphia fans. 

Rangers winger Daniel Carcillo, a former member of the Flyers, set the tone for the series by taunting Philadelphia fans after scoring an insurance goal in Game 3.


The series now heads back to Madison Square Garden for a Game 7 showdown.

Will there be retaliatory efforts in New York? Hopefully not the wholesale brawl we saw in Philly, but Liam Neeson might crush a windpipe or two.


Riot juice!