Paige vs. Tamina Snuka: Winner and Post-Match Reaction

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistMay 4, 2014

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Following her shocking Divas Championship win on the post-WrestleMania edition of Raw, Paige proved that she wasn't just a flash in the pan at Extreme Rules by successfully defending her title against Tamina Snuka. The WWE Twitter account snapped a photo of the champ holding her belt: suggested that Tamina had a major slip up during the match:

Eva Marie offered up her congrats for the champ:

The powerful daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka proved to be a good first test for Tamina, and the 21-year-old champion passed with flying colors.

Despite her young age, Paige has been touted as the next great Diva for quite some time. The first-ever NXT Women's Champion made the future the present on the night after WrestleMania XXX when she beat AJ Lee in an impromptu title match to end AJ's record-breaking reign of 295 days.

Since that point, Paige has proudly carried the Divas Championship and endeared herself to the WWE Universe, as seen in this photo courtesy of WWE's Instagram account:

WWE has had to do some reverse booking with Paige in a lot of ways in terms of building her up after winning the title rather than before it. Paige has picked up several victories against enhancement Divas such as Alicia Fox and Aksana, and she has looked quite impressive in the process.

With Paige still trying to establish herself on the roster, Tamina took advantage of her inexperience during the build toward Extreme Rules by trying to intimidate the hard-nosed Brit.

After staring Paige down on Main Event, Tamina tweeted a warning shot in Paige's direction:

The Divas Champion remained undeterred, though, and announced that she was prepared for the challenge ahead:

Tamina hasn't always received much notoriety during her time in WWE, but she has consistently been one of the better female workers in the company. That was once again on full display at Extreme Rules as she meshed fairly well with Paige.

Although few pegged Tamina as a legitimate threat to win the title due to the fact that Paige had just won it, she was certainly a credible and logical challenger considering how long she helped AJ defend the Divas Championship previously.

Now that Paige has vanquished her first foe, it will be interesting to see where she goes from here. The obvious next feud that the bulk of WWE fans would likely love to see is a long-term program with AJ.

AJ hasn't been seen on WWE programming since dropping the strap to Paige, but one can only assume that she will go right after the title again when her temporary hiatus reaches its conclusion.

If that comes to fruition, then it could be one of the best Divas programs in recent memory. Both AJ and Paige are excellent in the ring, but they can handle themselves well on the mic too, which something that can't be said for most of the Divas.

WWE's Divas division has desperately needed some type of catalyst in order to become meaningful again, and a Paige vs. AJ angle certainly fits the bill. They are seemingly made to feud with one another, so hopefully the creative team moves forward with that.

Now that Paige has a title defense under her belt and has had some time to settle in on the main roster, she should be ready for bigger and better things.

Paige is known as the Anti-Diva, and there is no question that she will continue to blaze her own trail and develop into one of the best female wrestlers WWE has to offer.

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