NFL Draft 2008: Did The Oakland Raiders Make The Right Choice?

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IApril 29, 2008

In addition, at the time of the Oakland Raider’s 1st round draft choice, LSU standout Glen Dorsey was still available. Dorsey, who many feel is one of the best defensive tackles to come into the NFL in years, would have been a perfect fit on the Raiders’ defensive line. Furthermore, Glen Dorsey is the type of physical phenom that Al Davis would have loved to have on his defense.

However, in spite of all of the aforementioned reasons as to why Glen Dorsey would have been the perfect fit for the Raiders, Dorsey is now in a Chiefs uniform and McFadden is wearing the Silver and Black.

While I am personally a New York Giants fan, and therefore I consider myself to be unbiased in the decision making of the Raiders, I question how smart of a decision it was to draft McFadden.  I undoubtedly believe that he will be a very successful pro running back, but the running game of the Raiders already holds the likes of Lamont Jordan, Justin Fargas, and Michael Bush (Dominic Rhodes was released to make room for McFadden), all good to very good backs.

However, in spite of my skepticism, it is possible that Oakland’s draft choice can work out for the best.

After all, it seems that every top tier team in the NFL needs a certain identity. For the Giants, it was the ability to get the quarterback. For the Patriots, it was the airborne attack. For the Steelers, it was hard nosed play on both sides of the ball.

What if the Raiders develop an identity as a hard nosed rushing team? Who knows what will happen. I guess only time will tell.