The Ascension Will Breathe New Life into the WWE Tag Team Division

Tom BeasleyAnalyst IMay 3, 2014

The tag team division in WWE is currently a huge disappointment. There are very few real challengers to The Usos, who have held the WWE Tag Team Championship since March. However, over on NXT, a brand-new heel team called The Ascension have been making a big splash.

Konnor and Viktor have been dominant since securing the NXT Tag Team Championship in October 2013. Their Gothic gimmick is utterly terrifying and they have impressed in a series of glorified squash matches in recent weeks.

The two men complement each other perfectly. Viktor favours grapples and mat wrestling, whilst Konnor is a traditional powerhouse with a high-impact move set. Their tandem finisher, Fall of Man, forms an emphatic climax to their frequent victories.

Such dominance in NXT guarantees that the main roster isn’t far away for these two men.

This is especially true as WWE Creative seems intent on dismantling each and every tag team currently active in the division. Cesaro’s push tore apart the Real Americans, and the Rhodes Brothers are on a collision course to an inevitable split. This week’s SmackDown main event even teased at a schism within the current title contenders, RybAxel.

The thin field of potential opponents for The Usos has had a tragic effect on the division. There’s little chance of building feuds and challengers arrive by default rather than on merit.

It will take more than one new team to change things, but The Ascension could be a good start.

In a six-man tag team main event a few weeks ago on NXT, The Ascension may have lost in a match with The Usos, but the two teams showcased great chemistry. They have shown that they can produce a solid match together.

When The Ascension do make their move to the main roster, it won’t be long before they’re pitted against Rikishi’s sons.

The Ascension’s effect on the WWE will also be felt away from The Usos. With another force of terror in the WWE, the Wyatt Family could decide to assert their dominance by entering a program with the new guys.

These two creepy teams could have a great feud, bringing a real darkness to their matches. It would also enable Luke Harper and Erick Rowan to get some exposure away from their leader, Bray Wyatt.

Whatever WWE Creative chooses to do with The Ascension, the right time for their main roster call-up is now. The tag team division needs a shot of adrenaline and the darkness of Konnor and Viktor would provide exactly that.