Early Mets' 2014 Offensive All-Star Predictions

Shale BriskinContributor IIIApril 30, 2014

Early Mets' 2014 Offensive All-Star Predictions

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    With the 2014 MLB All-Star Game balloting having now begun, fans can once again cast their votes for whom they believe should represent each league at the 2014 MLB All-Star Game in July.

    Fans will be able to vote for the starting position players and may include write-in votes if they want to vote for certain players that are not on the ballot.

    The New York Mets, of course, would hope to see as many All-Stars as possible this season. Let's see which current Mets hitters have the best chances of becoming All-Stars.


    Statistics courtesy of MLB.com.

C Travis d'Arnaud

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    Current Statistics: .209/.303/.299, 1 HR, 4 RBI

    Main NL Competitors: Evan Gattis (ATL), Yadier Molina (STL), Buster Posey (SF)

    There is not a large amount of depth among National League catchers for the All-Star Game ballots, but Travis d'Arnaud's name is not one of the few that stand out—at least not just yet.

    D'Arnaud has the potential to one day in the future become an All-Star catcher, but his numbers right now are not really All-Star worthy. He is off to a slow start offensively and will need to hit a lot more if he wants to get any votes or recognition.

    Furthermore, Posey and Molina are consistent fan favorites, while a case could be made for Gattis as well.

    Current Chance of Becoming an All-Star: 5 percent

1B Lucas Duda

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    Current Statistics: .253/.333/.440, 4 HR, 13 RBI

    Main NL Competitors: Freddie Freeman (ATL), Paul Goldschmidt (ARZ), Adrian Gonzalez (LAD), Justin Morneau (COL), Joey Votto (CIN)

    With Ike Davis' trade to the Pittsburgh Pirates having occurred, first base for the Mets now belongs to Lucas Duda. Duda already has four home runs to lead the team and could now thrive with a regular, everyday job.

    However, there is so much depth among National League first basemen that even if Duda was off to an amazing start to his season, it would still be rather difficult for him to become an All-Star. Adrian Gonzalez, Justin Morneau and Joey Votto are veteran fan favorites that will likely get plenty of votes.

    Younger players like Freddie Freeman and Paul Goldschmidt are both starting to reach their potential and will get a lot votes as well. As a result, it's very unlikely that Duda will be among the NL's top five first basemen in All-Star votes.

    Current Chance of Becoming an All-Star: 10 percent

2B Daniel Murphy

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    Current Statistics: .304/.339/.353, 0 HR, 9 RBI, 6 SB

    Main NL Competitors: Dee Gordon (LAD), Brandon Phillips (CIN), Chase Utley (PHI)

    Daniel Murphy is rather underrated for a second baseman, and with the past few seasons he has put together, he has worked hard toward becoming an All-Star in the future.

    Murphy is a good hitter that will put the ball in play, get a lot of doubles and steal some bases. He is probably one of the more deserving Mets hitters in regards to an All-Star appearance.

    Furthermore, the depth among NL second basemen is not particularly deep. Both Brandon Phillips and Chase Utley will very likely get a bunch of fan votes due to popularity, while Dee Gordon is another second baseman that could get some votes this season.

    Murphy could potentially find himself becoming an All-Star this summer, but there's also a good chance he does not make the team, depending on how the balloting goes.

    Current Chance of Becoming an All-Star: 50 percent

SS Ruben Tejada

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    Current Statistics: .221/.338/.250, 0 HR, 6 RBI

    Main NL Competition: Starlin Castro (CHC), Ian Desmond (WSH), Hanley Ramirez (LAD), Andrelton Simmons (ATL), Troy Tulowitzki (COL)

    Ruben Tejada has gotten off to very poor start this season, and there is almost no chance right now that he becomes an All-Star. He is simply not getting on base and driving in runs.

    With shortstops like Troy Tulowitzki and Hanley Ramirez likely to dominate the fan votes, it will be very surprising to see Tejada among the top five NL shortstops in balloting.

    Current Chance of Becoming an All-Star: 1 percent

3B David Wright

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    Current Statistics: .262/.314/.318, 1 HR, 15 RBI

    Main NL Competition: Pedro Alvarez (PIT), Pablo Sandoval (SF), Ryan Zimmerman (WSH)

    Unlike most of the current Mets, David Wright has been an All-Star in the past. In fact, he is a seven-time All-Star. This season could certainly become his eighth All-Star season if he gets the most fan votes, which could definitely happen.

    Wright is one of baseball's best third basemen and has been one of the most popular players for many years. Whether he gets the start or not will depend on how fan voting ends up looking and whether other third basemen get significant numbers of votes as well.

    It will be quite surprising if Wright does not represent the Mets at the All-Star Game in July.

    Current Chance of Becoming an All-Star: 90 percent

The Outfield

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    Current Statistics:

    Curtis Granderson: .136/.252/.216, 1 HR, 7 RBI

    Juan Lagares: .314//345/.471, 1 HR, 7 RBI

    Chris Young: .205/.262/.410, 2 HR, 6 RBI

    Main NL Competitors: Charlie Blackmon (COL), Ryan Braun (MIL), Carlos Gomez (MIL), Carlos Gonzalez (COL), Matt Holliday (STL), Andrew McCutchen (PIT), Michael Morse (SF), Yasiel Puig (LAD), Giancarlo Stanton (MIA), Justin Upton (ATL)

    Being that there are not separate left field, center field and right field categories for All-Star balloting, all the Mets outfielders will be included here. None of the Mets outfielders are particularly deserving of being All-Stars right now.

    Curtis Granderson has gotten off to a very poor start. He may get some popularity votes, but they will not be enough to start in the NL outfield.

    Juan Lagares is off to a nice start to his season, but he has only played in 13 games due to an injury that forced him to go on the disabled list.

    As for Chris Young, he had a disabled list stint of his own and has only been in 12 games thus far.

    And then there is Eric Young Jr. (.215/.315/.269, 0 HR, 4 RBI, 12 SB), who is not on the ballot. He has played in 24 games out of 26 so far. Despite all the steals, he would not be too deserving of becoming an All-Star himself.

    There are quite a few outfielders, such as Carlos Gomez, Carlos Gonzalez, Matt Holliday, Andrew McCutchen, Giancarlo Stanton and Justin Upton, who will most likely get a lot of popularity votes from fans, while other players like Charlie Blackmon and Michael Morse should get quite a few votes as well due to the great seasons they are having.

    The Mets' group of outfielders don't really seem to be in the mix here.

    Current Chance of Becoming an All-Star: 

    Curtis Granderson - 20 percent

    Juan Lagares - 15 percent

    Chris Young - 5 percent