Father's Day Walk Raises Over $750K For Prostate Cancer Research

Kevin van SteendelaarAnalyst IJune 22, 2009

They came in all ages, sizes, genders and nationalities.

This past Sunday, over 7000 Canadians across the country gathered for the annual Safeway Father's Day Walk/Run for prostate cancer research.

Some were cancer survivors, some were there for members who had suffered through or  beaten cancer. Others were there for those they'd lost.

Many came as individuals and others came as teams, but ultimately their goal was the same.

On a beautiful first day of summer, close to 1500 individuals took part in the Toronto portion of the walk.

Halifax, London,  Regina Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Kamloops and Victoria were the other Canadian cities taking part.

Some ran, some pushed their children's stollers while many (myself included) enjoyed the leisurely 5 km walk through the city's Distillery and Port districts.

Volunteers marshaled the route, while Toronto Police Services controlled traffic to allow us to make our way down the city streets without interruption.

It was a quick trip for those who ran it and many even ran the course twice. I even saw a man in jeans jogging in 25 celcius heat.

As everyone made there way, one by one to the finish line we learned that over $172,000 had been raised.

Mind you this is just from confirmed online sponsors as many of us canvassed our neighborhoods and places of business for more support.

Nation wide, the event to date had raised over $750,000, but that amount could be closer to $1 million with the final tally.

What makes this astonishing is that most of the festivities (including the walk/run) were completed in a matter of hours.

$1 million raised just by a slim population of this country volunteering their time and efforts and some corporate sponsors to assist in setting up the event and offering some prizes for top fundraisers.

That said I would like to challenge the citizens of other Canadian cities, and our worldwide community, to get on the horse and take part in the coming years.

Prostate cancer affects one in every seven men in this country and that could increase to one in four.

Hopefully by putting this out to our B/R community, we can build on this even for years to come.

More information can be found at the Walk/Run's website or at Prostate Cancer Canada's website.