Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid: Live Player Ratings

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Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid: Live Player Ratings
Matthias Schrader

Real Madrid will contest the 2014 UEFA Champions League Final in Lisbon after defeating Bayern Munich 5-0 over two legs in the semi-final round.

Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo each bagged a brace for the Primera Division giants in Tuesday’s second leg, adding to the 1-0 advantage provided by Karim Benzema at the Bernabeu.

Following are ratings and analysis for both sets of players.

Bayern Munich Player Ratings
Player Half-Time Full-Time
Neuer 4 4
Lahm 5 5
Boateng 6 5
Dante 5 5
Alaba 6 6
Kroos 6 6
Robben 6 6
Muller 5 5
Schweinsteiger 6 5
Ribery 4 3
Mandzukic 3 3
J.Martinez N/A 5
Gotze N/A 5
Pizarro N/A 4


Half-Time analysis for Bayern Munich

Neuer: Well beaten on all three goals and nearly conceded another when he found himself swimming after failing to punch away a loose ball.

Lahm: Ronaldo lost him on Madrid’s third, and at this point he might be wishing he was stationed in midfield.

Boateng: Conceded the corner ahead of Madrid’s second goal.

Dante: Conceded the free kick that allowed Madrid to take the lead.

Alaba: Nowhere near Bale as the Welshman scampered downfield to set up Ronaldo

Kroos: Already has touched the ball 63 times, but has created nothing of note.

Robben: Well covered by Coentrao so far.

Muller: Distribution in the final third has been accurate, although next to meaningless.

Schweinsteiger: Good passing numbers, but he has yet to create a meaningful goalscoring opportunity.

Ribery: Should have been sent off for a slap on Carvajal.

Mandzukic: Just 17 touches in the first half.

Kerstin Joensson

Full-Time analysis for Bayern Munich

Neuer: Was furious with his defense at times but might have been better-positioned to stop Ronaldo’s free kick.

Lahm: Completed a typical 94% of his passes but failed to link up with Robben down the right.

Boateng: Was exposed defending set pieces.

Dante: Overall, a night he’ll want to forget.

Alaba: One of Bayern’s brighter players on the night, he carried the load down the left with Ribery AWOL.

Kroos: He touched the ball 139 times but failed to carve out a single, meaningful opening.

Robben: Pulled a shot from dangerous space just wide of the far post shortly after the restart.

Muller: The fans made their displeasure heard when he was withdrawn in the 72nd minute.

Schweinsteiger: He passed for accuracy but created little going forward and struggled when Madrid went on the counter.

Ribery: He has been abysmal in 2014, and Tuesday was one of his poorer showings.

Mandzukic: Withdrawn at the break.

J.Martinez: Came on to start the second half as Bayern went into damage-control mode.

Gotze: Had one good opportunity in an 18-minute showing.

Pizarro: Just four touches of the ball in 18 minutes.

Real Madrid Player Ratings
Player Half-Time Full-Time
Casillas 7 8
Carvajal 8 8
Pepe 8 9
S.Ramos 10 10
Coentrao 9 9
Modric 8 9
X.Alonso 7 7
Di Maria 8 8
Bale 8 8
Benzema 6 6
Ronaldo 9 9
Varane N/A 7
Isco N/A 6
Casemiro N/A 6


Half-Time analysis for Real Madrid

Casillas: Hasn’t had a single save to make.

Carvajal: Absolutely owning Ribery.

Pepe: His fine delivery allowed Sergio Ramos to head in his second of the night.

S.Ramos: Had two goals ahead of kick-off; now has four on the season.

Coentrao: Making a case to start the Champions League Final ahead of Marcelo.

Modric: Three tackles contributed defensively and 90% of his passes complete.

X.Alonso: Will miss the Champions League Final due to an accumulation of yellow cards.

Di Maria: Twenty-six touches so far; he’s proving a handful for Lahm.

Bale: Fine pass to Ronaldo to set up Madrid’s third.

Benzema: Fourteen touches, but he may just fancy himself to get in on the scoring after the restart.

Ronaldo: Now owns the Champions League single-season scoring record with 15 goals.

Kerstin Joensson

Full-Time analysis for Real Madrid

Casillas: Made four saves in the second half—none of them difficult.

Carvajal: Distribution wasn’t great, but he stuck to Ribery like glue.

Pepe: Rubbed Muller and Robben off the ball for fun while putting in one of the better performances of his career.

S.Ramos: An outstanding performance ended with 15 minutes remaining as he was saved for the final.

Coentrao: Man-marked Robben out of the match and provided a useful outlet down the left.

Modric: An underrated work-horse, he completed 86% of his passes, picked up an assist and contributed five tackles on the defensive side of the ball.

X.Alonso: Played a dignified match despite knowing he’d be missing the Lisbon final.

Di Maria: Another terrific, all-around performance from Argentina’s form player.

Bale: Was assigned some defensive duties opposite Alaba and Ribery and did not disappoint.

Benzema: Anonymous at times, but won’t have been at all disappointed with how things transpired.

Ronaldo: Scored a lovely, last-minute free kick to extend his goalscoring record to 16.

Varane: Replaced Sergio Ramos in the 75th minute and didn’t put a foot wrong over the final quarter-hour.

Isco: Just six touches in a 10-minute cameo.

Casemiro: Came on with six minutes left to hold up possession and tackle the opposition ball-carriers.

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