Most Versatile Recruits in 2015 College Football Recruiting Class

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IApril 29, 2014

Most Versatile Recruits in 2015 College Football Recruiting Class

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    Versatility is something every college coach is looking for when hitting the recruiting trail. The more a player can do, the more a coach believes he can expect.

    Recruits who are versatile enough to play several positions are hot commodities in college football recruiting. The 2015 class has several prospects who can do many different things for a team. 

    A 5-star athlete in Florida can play receiver, safety and defensive end. Arizona is home to a 5-star receiver who can play running back and return kicks. Plus, a 4-star Utah native can play almost anywhere.

Jaason Lewis, ATH

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    When he arrives in Westwood, the coaches at UCLA are going to have to figure out where Jaason Lewis will play.

    The 4-star athlete, who is 6'3" and 233 pounds, is from Virginia. He can play receiver, tight end, outside linebacker, middle linebacker, fullback, running back and defensive end. 

    Edward Lewis of (subscription required) wrote on Feb. 13:

    "He can put his hand in the dirt and rush the passer, he can intercept passes over the middle of the field as a safety, and he can take power-I handoffs 80 yards to the end zone."

Jalen Christian, ATH

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    At only 5'10" and 165 pounds, Jalen Christian is not a giant on the field. However, he plays bigger than his listed size.

    Christian is a versatile athlete from Maryland who is a 4-star prospect. He has excellent speed and quickness, plus he displays outstanding agility. He is at his best with the ball in his hands, which is why running back and receiver will be his top options in college.

    Yet, playing cornerback and returning kicks and punts also could be in Christian's future. South Carolina is the current favorite, per 247Sports.

Stanley Norman, ATH

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    From California, Stanley Norman is a 4-star athlete who prides himself on making plays. The 6'0", 180-pounder relishes having the ball in his hands in big moments.

    Norman can work as a receiver, cornerback, safety, running back and returner. He has good toughness and agility, plus he displays good ball skills. UCLA and Oklahoma are his top suitors, according to 247Sports.

Jeffery Holland, LB

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    Jeffery Holland is a 4-star recruit from Florida who is going to play linebacker in college. However, he is versatile enough to fit into any scheme, and into any role.

    The 6'2", 230-pounder can stand up as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense, plus he has the toughness and strength to work as an inside linebacker in the same scheme. In a 4-3 alignment, Holland has the speed and range to play on the flanks at outside 'backer, and he also has the required traits to have success in the middle.

    He can also play defensive end, plus he has experience carrying the ball as a running back. Florida, Ohio State, Auburn, Alabama and Florida State are among schools he is looking into, says 247Sports.

Brian Cole, ATH

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    A Michigan native, Brian Cole is a talented player who can play receiver, running back and even safety. The 4-star prospect also shows the skills needed to be a solid kickoff returner.

    Cole, who is 6'2" and 190 pounds, has raw speed and athleticism. He is dangerous with the ball in his hands, plus he has deceptive strength. Cole's athletic ability and instincts are tools that would help him transition to safety.

    Michigan State, Ohio State and Michigan are his top schools, according to 247Sports.

Eric Glover-Williams, CB

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    Eric Glover-Williams is listed as a cornerback, but he can do so much more. In fact, cornerback might not even be the 4-star prospect's best position.

    Glover-Williams has excellent speed and explosiveness. He's a terror for defenses with the ball in his hands, as he can dart past just about anyone with the ball. The 5'11", 165-pounder can play running back and receiver on offense.

    Lining him up under center for direct snaps is not a bad idea, nor is allowing him to return punts. Glover-Williams is committed to Ohio State. 

Taj Griffin, RB

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    Taj Griffin committed to Oregon last week, and he is a perfect fit for the Ducks offense. Griffin is a speedy 5'10", 175-pound running back who is a threat in space.

    His quickness and receiving ability also help him in the passing game. The Georgia native can line up in the slot to skate away from defenders at junctions, plus he has great run-after-catch skills. Griffin also is capable of playing receiver on the perimeter.

    The 4-star recruit also has fantastic value as a returner.

Terry Godwin, ATH

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    Terry Godwin is an electrifying recruit from Georgia who can get the job done from almost anywhere.

    He'll likely start his career at UGA as a receiver, but he's capable of playing cornerback, safety, Wildcat quarterback and even returning kicks.

    Godwin, who is 6'0" and 168 pounds, has excellent speed and quickness. He's explosive out of his cuts, and the 5-star recruit has the ability to make big plays with the ball in his hands.

Christian Kirk, WR

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    It's almost a crime Christian Kirk is not a 5-star prospect. The 4-star receiver is one of the best offensive players in America, and he's also plenty versatile.

    Kirk can play receiver on the perimeter, as well as in the slot. Plus, the 5'11", 197-pounder has the strength, quickness, agility and vision to be a permanent running back.

    Kirk is capable of playing Wildcat quarterback, plus his dynamic ability with the ball in his hands will help him return kicks and punts on special teams. The Arizona native also would make a great defensive back.

    Ohio State and Texas A&M are standing out for him, per 247Sports.

George Campbell, WR

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    Although he is a 5-star prospect at the position, it is not set in stone George Campbell plays receiver in college.

    The 6'3", 184-pound Florida native has legit skills as a free safety. Campbell also displays the traits needed to be a great outside linebacker, plus he has the explosiveness and quickness to rush the quarterback off the edge as a defensive end.

    Campbell also is capable of becoming an outstanding kickoff returner. Florida and Clemson are key suitors for him, according to 247Sports.

Osa Masina, ATH

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    Osa Masina is a 4-star recruit from Utah who simply can not be confined to one position. He has a wealth of versatility to offer a program, which is why many are after him.

    The 6'4", 218-pounder could realistically play linebacker, tight end, running back, receiver, fullback or defensive end in college. He also has the speed and strength to cover kicks and punts on special teams.

    Utah is out in front, says 247Sports.


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