Realistic Draft-Day Trade Possibilities for the Tennessee Titans

Chad Minton@@chad_mintonCorrespondent IApril 29, 2014

Realistic Draft-Day Trade Possibilities for the Tennessee Titans

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    Mark Humphrey

    The Tennessee Titans have a shortage of draft picks heading into the 2014 NFL draft, and that might ask for some creativity to get the players needed to fill in missing pieces to this roster.

    The Titans have just six picks this year and no draft pick in the third round. That pick was given up last season to move up six spots and draft Justin Hunter. The jury is still out on if that was a smart move or not, but it looks promising as of now.

    Draft-day trades happen all of the time, but there are always hard to predict. The Titans are very likely to get involved in a trade scenario. Here are few trade possibilities for the Titans on draft day, which is less than two weeks away.

Trade the 11th Overall Pick for More Draft Picks

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    Mark Humphrey

    This is the most popular trade scenario for the Titans, and it wouldn't be a surprise if this became a reality.

    The Titans' 11th overall pick is kind of in "no man's land." A lot of the star prospects will be off the board, but there are a handful of intriguing players who should still be on the board and would fit a need for the Titans.

    However, the Titans also need more than just six draft picks. They're missing a third-round pick, and that one stings. There will be a lot of solid players available in the third round that the Titans will be able to use. It could even be their future quarterback if Jake Locker fails to deliver in 2014.

    Obtaining more draft picks will be extremely beneficial in adding more depth to this roster. Injuries are inevitable, and the Titans are thin at positions like tight end, defensive end and cornerback.

    John Glennon of The Tennessean sees the Titans as needing depth at many positions but not necessarily desperate at any single one of them. 

    The Titans could seemingly end up trading this pick to a team that needs it more and add a couple draft picks in return. Getting that third-round pick back would make sense in this scenario if the Titans don't see a player worth drafting at 11th overall.

Trade Draft Picks for a Quarterback

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    Wade Payne

    Every fan who is down on Jake Locker wants the Titans to draft a quarterback, but what if the Titans decided to trade draft picks for a quarterback who is already groomed for the NFL?

    The Titans could easily decide to yank the chord on Locker before he ever gets a chance to redeem himself in 2014. Remember that this team is under completely new leadership with Ken Whisenhunt in charge, and Whisenhunt obviously had no part in drafting Locker originally. Even if Whisenhunt publicly supports Locker, it doesn't mean he's sold on him as the future of the Titans.

    If the opportunity presents itself for the Titans to trade for a quarterback who fits Whisenhunt's offensive system better than Locker does, then he could very well end up making that draft-day trade.

    One guy that comes to mind is Mike Glennon of the Buccaneers, who could become available for a trade (according to Chris Wesseling of

    This scenario may be coming out of left field, but Glennon fits the mold of being a prototypical pocket passer who already has experience. He could possibly be a much better fit in an offense that will be very different from what we saw over the last few seasons under Mike Munchak.

    Since we have no real idea how much faith there is in Locker under the new coaching staff, this type of scenario can't be easily dismissed.

Trade Up in the Second Round

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    Butch Dill

    The Tennessee Titans could possibly repeat their move from last year's draft and trade up in the second round to get the player they really want.

    They did this last year when they traded up six spots to get Justin Hunter. That decision seems to have been a smart one so far. Hunter had a solid rookie campaign despite there being no stability at quarterback.

    The Titans still have holes on their roster at cornerback, running back and quarterback. It wouldn't be a bad idea for the Titans to trade up from their 10th pick in the second round to get the player they want, especially if it's at one of these key positions. It could even end up being a quarterback in this scenario, perhaps AJ McCarron or Zach Mettenberger.

    Current Titans offensive guard Chance Warmack has stated that he wants the Titans to take McCarron (according to Bryan Fischer of

    There is not much faith being shown in Jake Locker from a key part of the offensive line.

    Since the Titans were very active in free agency this offseason, they can afford to take some chance in this draft through trades. With no third-round pick currently, the Titans could make up for it by trading up in the second round and getting a great prospect who somehow slipped out of the first round.