Boston to Win Celtics-Hawks Series

Ben LinContributor IApril 29, 2008

This might not be the article you think you are going to read.

This isn't an article praising the play of the Boston Celtics and their NBA league-best record season. This is about the business that is the NBA.

What Finals matchup would bring in the  most dollars this year for the NBA? Boston vs L.A. would revisit a Finals rematch 20 years in the making.

So much history between the two storied franchises, leading in NBA titles among all teams in the NBA.

Commissioner David Stern wants it, L.A. fans want it, Boston fans want it, heck most NBA fans want it. The question is, how far is the NBA willing to go to guarantee the highest-grossing NBA finals in recent history?

Watch out for Boston in this upcoming pivotal Game 5.

They will get every call, and everything will go their way. Atlanta will have to play nearly flawless to come out of the Garden with a victory. 

It is amazing that Detroit and Boston both are sitting in their series tied 2-2 heading home for Game 5.

The two worst teams in the playoffs are sticking it to the two teams with the best record in the NBA. 

Stern will not allow this to happen.

To lose Detroit or Boston would be to lose the hope of providing an Eastern contender in the NBA Finals. Whoever comes out on top in the West will be the ultimate champion. Leaving another year of unspectacular, dull and boring NBA Finals. 

This is the NBA, where amazing storylines will be fabricated.