Avry's Logo Blog No. 4: The Oakland Seals (1967-1970)

Avry Lewis-McDougallContributor IJune 22, 2009

I'm back with my fourth logo blog and this time I'm doing my very first logo blog on the NHL. My first NHL logo is on one of the most poorly run and one of the biggest jokes in NHL history, the defunct Oakland Seals. The Seals logo looked more like this team was the Oakland Sardines, as I didn't know that a seal was long and skinny, had a fin on its back and was missing limbs.

Whoever created the Seals' logo in the mid 1960s must have been enjoying some good Hippie smoke as the combination of green, blue and yellow just make this logo a hot mess of madness with a hockey stick in the middle. To top things off I actually own an Oakland Seals jersey but thankfully this logo is not on the jersey.
Avry's Logo Scale
5/5 For horrible color combination
13.7/5 For how good the Hippie smoke must have been to go ahead with this as the team logo.