Olympic Legend to League Hasbin: The Dwain Chambers story

Sean KellyAnalyst IApril 29, 2008

As a Rugby Union fan i often become tired of hearing of these Rugby League "stars" who fancy a go at Union. As we've seen with Henry Paul, Chev Walker and more recently Andy Farrell they come gleaming with talent and hope that makes us expectant to see the formation of a legend. only for them not to cut it, with the physical and technical demands of this game deeming to great for them.

However if you were to ask my opinion of an Olympic sprinter who believes he has it within himself to become a Rugby League player. I would probably laugh.

To my amazement though this is the case with Castleford tigers. This Rugby league outfit have dug deep into their pockets to unveil Dwain Chambers as their new signing who will undergo a months trialing.

Despite League legend Martin Offiah mentoring him, I personally cant see Chambers' stint in league lasting much longer than a year. Whereas he is obviously not technically adapted to such a sport, his pace is the only thing which brings hope.

Granted his pace could be a asset to a good team, but there is a reason why Castleford are a struggling side. So without the ability inside of him and without experienced individuals to show him the way he will be merely another medeocre nobody.

After this peroid in League I believe he will no doubt wriggles his way back into the Olympics. With Castleford having blown a wad of cash on a Rugby League hasbin.

Why Castleford would take such a financial risk? I don't actually know. Perhaps they have spotted a glimpse of talent in this Olympic outcast. All I know is that if Castleford were looking for a Publicity stunt i think it would be much more profitable to get Mr Chambers to race Motorbikes at Half time, rather than embarrass himself as a League convert.