Nugget Power: The Bird-Man & El Camino's Full Of Pit Bulls

Tom HammerContributor IJune 22, 2009

Context: This text exchange came from a friend of mine with whom I was discussing the NBA playoffs with in particular the Denver Nuggets series with the Lakers.  If you aren't a die hard NBA fan you may not know the individual players here but let me give you some background.  The "Bird Man" Chris Anderson, pictured above, is a heavily tatted, lengthy fo-hawk, spazz of a power forward who just returned to the league after a suspension for a heroin addiction.  Travis Henry is a former NFL running back who's had more arrests then OJ and has 9 kids with 9 different women. 

Friend: "Speaking of, this has turned out to be a very interesting NBA playoffs. It's amazing how much Detroit helped Denver by passing on Melo and trading Billups for old weed lungs Iverson. But between Nene, K-Mart and Chris Anderson, I'd say that the odds are 50/50 that the Nuggets commit some sort of off-court atrocity involving a strip club, guns, a Scarface poster and an el camino full of pit bulls...not to mention that Travis Henry still lives there!"

Me: "Do you think that the Bird Man ever watches the replay of a game and just cringes or reverts back to the needle after the announcers inevitably say, "And in comes Anderson, he is back in the league following a lengthy suspension for violating the substance abuse policy while fighting a heroin addiction!"  In game 162 of the season they are still guaranteed to say those words when he enters the game.  Why don't they say, "Kobe Bryant opens the game with a bucket, he is lucky to be in the league after his little affair in Denver where he got a little rough with a hotel employee and then dodged the inevitable rape charge!"  I mean cmon, fair is fair.