WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Most Extreme Spots in PPV's History

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 3, 2014

WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Most Extreme Spots in PPV's History

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    WWE Extreme Rules 2014 doesn't have a Ladder match on the docket, so it will be tough for someone to top Alberto Del Rio or Edge with a spot that jars the audience as those men did.

    An event that was born in a tamer time period than the Attitude Era has still caused jaws to slide open.

    These moments are built on daring jumps and use of one's environment as weaponry. They require guts, trust and a good supply of Icy Hot afterward.

    The most extreme spots in Extreme Rules history are ranked here based the danger involved as well as how memorable and heart-stopping they are.

Honorable Mention

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    John Cena sending Batista through a table via an Attitude Adjustment in 2010 was a memorable sight. As dangerous as it was, though, other moments featured men hitting wood and steel from even bigger heights.

    That same year, Jack Swagger bent a chair with Randy Orton's spine. In 2009, Jeff Hardy suplexed Edge ribs-first into an upside-down ladder.

    Those moments widened many an eye, but bigger falls that produced bigger gasps rank above them here.


7. Ryback Sends John Cena Through the Set (2013)

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    In the Last Man Standing match from Extreme Rules 2013, both Ryback and John Cena needed help to their feet. 

    That was thanks to the bout's most enduring image—Ryback crashing through the set with Cena in his arms. In a way, this is an extremely dangerous stunt, as Ryback headed blind into an area full of metal bars. 

    It just doesn't have the same unsettling feeling that seeing a man fall through a ladder or leap from a cage does. 

    The unique nature of the spot makes it highly memorable. More stunning moments rank above it.

6. Kofi Kingston's Boom Drop on Sheamus (2011)

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    Kofi Kingston won his Tables match against Sheamus in memorable fashion.

    He relied on his leaping ability to soar into the air before crashing onto his prone foe. The result was a broken table and a wowed crowd.

    The height of Kingston's jump and the hardness of his landing makes this more breathtaking than the spots relegated to honorable mention territory. Other Superstars took more thrilling trips, though. Bigger falls and bent metal push Kingston down the list some.

5. CM Punk's Elbow Drop on Chris Jericho (2012)

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    Take Kofi Kingston's leap onto a table and stretch out the distance. Add a more dramatic collapse of the table underneath, and you have CM Punk's elbow drop onto Chris Jericho in 2012.

    Punk was just a slight miscalculation away from having his ribs crash into this table instead. That danger, along with the intensity of this feud, makes it one of the most hard-to-forget spots in Extreme Rules history.

    This was a punctuation of Punk's hate for Jericho, one of the risks he was willing to take to gain revenge.

    We have, however, seen this kind of spot more regularly than the kinds of stunning moments that rank above it.

4. Brock Lesnar Spills over Top Rope (2012)

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    It wasn't meant to be as dangerous as it ended up being, but Brock Lesnar's wild flight out of the ring in 2012 turned out to be an extreme spot with no props needed.

    John Cena stood on the apron. Lesnar leaped at him.

    He mistimed his jump, much like a certain failed Shooting Star Press several years back. The lack of control of his tumble made it more heart-stopping than CM Punk's elbow drop or Ryback sending Cena through the Extreme Rules set.

    It looked as if he might fall on his head outside the ring.

    Fans don't remember it much as the moments ranked above this, though. Cena's bloody head and him punching Lesnar in the face with a chain wrapped around his fists steal some of the spotlight from Lesnar's fall.


3. John Morrison Flies from the Top of the Cage (2011)

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    One can argue John Morrison's credentials as a top-flight WWE Superstar, but there's no debating that he provided the company with a litany of stunning moments.

    In 2011, he created the most enduring image of the Steel Cage match between him, John Cena and The Miz. His Starship Pain is already an eye-catching move, but launching it from off the top of the cage sent it into Extreme Rules' greatest hits.

    His landing spot was softer than CM Punk's or Kofi Kingston's, but how iconic and jaw-dropping his trip downward was gives it the No. 3 spot on the list.

2. Alberto Del Rio Crashes Through Table (2011)

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    Alberto Del Rio miscalculated as he flew at Christian. The result of that mistake was a broken ladder and surely a bruise the size of a volleyball.

    One of the best ways to judge an extreme moment is to note how loudly folks gasp when they see it. 

    Del Rio's crash elicited a loud, guttural reaction. How could it not? WWE's controlled violence can be alarming, but seeing a man land so awkwardly on such an unforgiving surface is impossible to forget.

    Only a steel-lined fall involving two men tops this.

1. Jeff Hardy and Edge Fall Through a Ladder (2009)

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    The first-ever Extreme Rules produced a moment that hasn't been topped yet. Edge and Jeff Hardy, not surprisingly, were involved.

    Those men both built their fanbases early on by taking insane risks and making ladder matches their playground.

    They met again in 2009 and found themselves falling to one side while fighting on top of a ladder. A ladder waited for them. Their bodies wrecked it.

    The height of their fall, the gasp-inducing collision with steel and the fact that both men went on this daredevil fall make it the most extreme moment in the history of an event that prides itself on its ability to shock.