Full Career Retrospective and Greatest Moments for Test

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistMay 1, 2014

When one looked at Test, they would hard-pressed to think of the words fast, agile or athletic. But that is exactly what the tall, chiseled blond from Toronto was. He was a hybrid performer who could punish opponents with his strength or wow audiences with his ability to keep up with smaller opponents and fly off the top rope with grace and ease.

Possessing all the tools necessary to be a major player in World Wrestling Entertainment, it remains a mystery as to why he was never given the opportunity to make that final leap to main event status. Timing, political maneuvering and injuries all played a part in Test failing to live up to his potential.

Still, the talented individual provided fans with several great matches, a handful of entertaining feuds and numerous unique rivalries to remember forever. Whether it was his battles with Shane McMahon and Scott Steiner or his notorious wedding-that-wasn't to Stephanie McMahon, he was part of a number of angles that dominated WWE television.

Unfortunately, the wrestling world lost another far too early when Test—real name Andrew Martin—passed away on March 13, 2009 at the young age of 33.

In celebration of his career and in memory of his life, here is a look back at some of his greatest moments, matches and rivalries.


A Corporate Enforcer

Hailed as a bodyguard for Motley Crue, Test made his debut during the band's performance on an episode of Sunday Night Heat in late 1998.

It was not until The Rock and Triple H battled for the WWE Championship later in the year that he became a meaningful part of the company. He would cost the D-Generation X leader the match and the title, aligning himself with the evil Corporation faction in the process.

He would become the muscle for the group, doing the dirty work for Vince and Shane McMahon on a regular basis. When he began to feel as though he was being disrespected, however, he split from the group and made a babyface turn that would see him increase his role on WWE programming.


Love Her or Leave Her

Test aligned himself with Mick Foley, Ken Shamrock and Big Show in a faction known as The Union. They waged war with the Corporation and the Ministry of Darkness on a regular basis. Unfortunately, injuries and overall dissatisfaction with the group as a whole led to its disbanding.

In May of 1999, Test asked Stephanie McMahon, daughter of boss Vince, out on a date. Their romance unfolded over the course of the summer, despite objections from Stephanie's brother Shane. The former European champion repeatedly voiced his displeasure over the ordeal and sent the Mean Street Posse to beat Test down on a number of occasions.

To his dismay, Test thwarted their attacks and continued to see Stephanie. Eventually, Shane issued a challenge for a match at SummerSlam. It would be called a "Love Her or Leave Her" street fight and would carry significant stipulations with it. If Test won, Shane would leave him and his love alone. If Shane won, however, the happy couple would have to break up for good.

With an emotional story behind it, Test and Shane McMahon delivered a show-stealing performance at SummerSlam, capturing the attention of management and co-workers alike in what was one of the best matches of 1999. Test won the match and the relationship with Stephanie continued.

Eventually, he proposed and she accepted. After a brief angle in which Stephanie suffered a concussion and amnesia, the happy couple was scheduled to wed in November. 

The night was meant to be a showcase for Test. He defeated Triple H in what was the biggest win of his career to that point and was poised to partake in the most watched, highest-pressure segment he had ever been apart of to that point.

The wedding, as is the case with all wrestling ceremonies, ended in disaster for the couple. Triple H appeared, revealed that he had married Stephanie the night before while she was passed out and that he was now part of the McMahon family.

The segment cut Test's push off at the knees. The man who appeared to be the next big breakout star for WWE suddenly was left out in the cold. He would join the McMahons in their feud with Triple H and D-Generation X, but by the beginning of 2000 he was nestled back in the midcard with little or no real direction to speak of.



The arrival of the stunning Trish Stratus to WWE in early 2000 opened up a new opportunity to Test. While it would not be one that came with heavyweight titles or a main event push, it would give him something meaningful to do, at the very least.

He partnered with Albert in a duo known cleverly as T&A and, with Trish as their manager, they immediately became one of the top-tier tag teams in WWE. Their feud with the Dudley Boyz in April centered around Bubba Ray's infatuation with Stratus. It ended with a win for Test and Albert but a crash landing through a table for the former fitness model.

T&A also feuded with the Hardys, which exposed fans to the rivalry between Trish and Lita, which would become the most popular feud in women's wrestling over the six years that followed.

Test and Albert were a very solid big man tag team, but by the end of 2000 they were treading water. By the time the new year was underway, Test split from the group and returned to being one of the more popular midcard babyfaces on the roster.


European Champion

On January 22, 2001, Test defeated William Regal to win the European Championship. It was a big step in rehabilitating Test and helping him regain some of the momentum he lost late in 1999. Test would carry the title for two months but would have no real direction as champion. 

Prior to WrestleMania X-Seven, he entered a feud with Eddie Guerrero and a match between them was signed for the Showcase of the Immortals. Despite a spot in which Test became legitimately trapped in the ropes, the two had a very good match that proved just how talented the champion was.

Unfortunately, interference from Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko would prove to be too much for Test to overcome and Guerrero left the Houston Astrodome with the title.



The Invasion angle featured a war between WWE and the Alliance and caused Superstars to pledge their allegiances to one side or the other. Test was no different.

After being accused of being a mole for the WCW-ECW group, Test became disenfranchised with the idea of staying loyal to WWE and chose to join longtime friend, sometimes enemy Shane McMahon and the Alliance. He turned on the company, costing the APA the tag titles in a match against DDP and Kanyon.

At SummerSlam, the APA would have their chance at revenge when they teamed with Spike Dudley to take on Test and the Dudley Boyz. The match looked to be under control for the WWE team, but interference from Shane McMahon allowed Test to pick up the win for his team.

From there, Test would win an Immunity Battle Royal that guaranteed him a job, regardless of which side won the war between WWE and the Alliance.


The Un-Americans

The summer and early fall of 2002 saw Test align himself with Christian, Lance Storm and William Regal in a faction known as the Un-Americans. They consistently spoke out against the American way and became the most hated faction in all of WWE.

The group feuded with Kane, Bradshaw, Goldust and Booker T and had several wars with them through August and September.

Ultimately, it was the group's unwillingness to go the extra mile and get the real controversial heat, which would have put the gimmick over the top in terms of success, that led to its disband.


The Stacy Keibler Saga

In late 2002, Stacy Keibler became the marketing adviser for Test. She convinced him to refer to his fans as Testicles and actually instigated a babyface turn. Together, they became a fairly hot midcard act. Test had several matches with Chris Jericho and Christian and found himself at the center of the Shawn Michaels-Jericho rivalry heading into WrestleMania XIX.

Eventually, it became obvious that Test was better suited to play the villain. After Stacy recruited Scott Steiner to become Test's tag team partner, the Torontonian became jealous and constantly bickered with the former WCW champion. 

At Bad Blood in June of 2003, they met in singles competition with the managerial services of Stacy on the line. Steiner won but Test would not be denied what he wanted. On the August 11 episode of Raw, he won Stacy's services and wasted little time berating and demeaning her, including making her dance for the heel locker room.

In September, at Unforgiven, Steiner put his own freedom on the line in a third match against Test, all in hope of being the good knight and rescuing Stacy Keibler from her torment. Unfortunately, he would become Test's property when he lost the match following an unintentional assist from Stacy.


Return to WWE

An injury in late 2003 sidelined Test, and by November of 2004 he was gone from the company—the victim of a round of releases that also featured the likes of Jazz, Gail Kim and Nidia.

In 2006, he returned to WWE as part of the ECW relaunch and immediately became one of the main event heels on the roster. He competed in the main event of the December to Dismember pay-per-view and was named No. 1 contender to Bobby Lashley's ECW title at the Royal Rumble.

By the spring of 2007, Test would be released from the company for the second time.


Test is one of the many Superstars who had the potential to be so much more than he ultimately ended up being. Consistently in the upper-midcard of WWE, he never received that one opportunity to prove what he could do as a main event star and, as a result, settled for being very talented wrestler surrounded by very talented wrestlers in the same position.

His death was a major loss for the business, his fans, his friends and his family. At only 33, there was plenty of time for the competitor to make his way back to WWE and potentially achieve that main event success he tried so hard to attain in two stints with the company.


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