Realistic Draft Day Trade Possibilities for the Green Bay Packers

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIApril 29, 2014

Realistic Draft Day Trade Possibilities for the Green Bay Packers

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    One way that the Green Bay Packers can have an extremely successful draft this year is by making some major trades. While this isn't exactly a common mode of operation for Green Bay, we've certainly seen it pull moves in the past.

    Just think back to the 2009 draft when the Packers traded back into the first round in order to draft outside linebacker Clay Matthews. Another example happened just two years ago when the Packers traded twice in the second round in order to draft defensive lineman Jerel Worthy and cornerback Casey Hayward.

    When the Packers have their eye on a player who can instantly help them, then there is a definite chance they'll do whatever they need to in order to draft him. 

    Today we're going to break down a handful of realistic trades that the Packers could make in the draft this year.

Trading Up for Safety Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix in 1st Round

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    How It Could Happen: The Packers would trade their first-round, second-round and 2015 second-round pick to the Buffalo Bills for the No. 9 selection.


    This certainly seems like quite a bit for the Packers to give up in order to draft one player, but safety Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix would absolutely be worth it.

    For starters, Clinton-Dix is widely regarded as the premier safety in this year's draft. He's a true ball hawk with fantastic instincts in the secondary. He has also the ability to blitz the quarterback and not be a liability against the run.

    Clinton-Dix also happens to fill the biggest need that the Packers have in this draft, the safety position. By landing the former Alabama safety, the 2014 draft would have to be considered a huge win for Green Bay.

    There aren't many players that it'd be worth giving up three high picks for, but Clinton-Dix is absolutely one of them. Adding him would instantly improve the Packers defense and put the rest of the league on notice that Green Bay is all-in for 2014.

Moving Up in the 2nd Round to Secure Safety Jimmie Ward

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    How It Could Happen: The Packers would package their second-round pick and third-round pick to move up into the top five of Round 2.


    Let's say that the Packers stay put in Round 1 and draft a player like linebacker C.J. Mosley. The Packers could then move up to the top of the second round in order to land Northern Illinois safety Jimmie Ward.

    This might actually be the ideal situation for the Packers on draft day. Not only would they be getting the top inside linebacker, but they'd also land a fantastic safety to fill their biggest hole on the roster.

    While Ward may not be quite as polished as Clinton-Dix, he's still got plenty to offer a team like Green Bay. He's a sound tackler in the open field, stout against the run and knows how to create turnovers. In fact, Ward's seven interceptions last year were tops amongst all draft-eligible safeties.

    Considering the Packers have a compensatory third-round pick to work with, giving up their first pick in the third round really isn't too much. In fact, it could almost be considered a steal if Ward turns out to be a starting-caliber safety for the foreseeable future.

Trading out of the 1st Round Entirely to Land Tight End Jace Amaro

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    How It Could Happen: A quarterback-needy team would give the Packers their early second-round pick and another mid-round pick to move back into the first round.


    There's a definite possibility that all the players that the Packers could want in the first round are already gone by the time they draft. This would leave them with a chance to trade out of the first round, gain some extra picks and still draft a top talent.

    In this scenario, a team like the Houston Texans or Oakland Raiders would grab the Packers' first-round pick in order to draft a quarterback experiencing a draft-day slide. The Packers would then have a top-five pick in the second round to land tight end Jace Amaro.

    With tight end still being a need, the Packers would be filling a hole on the roster and picking up extra picks. And Amaro has the talent to step in from day one and be an extremely productive weapon for quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

    This trade might not make fans happy because the Packers would miss out on a top talent, but it would also give Green Bay a handful of other opportunities later in the draft to add talent to their roster. Overall, this is a win-win situation for the Packers.

Making a Move in the 3rd Round to Draft Outside Linebacker Telvin Smith

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    How It Could Happen: The Packers give up their third-round and fourth-round pick to move up in Round 3.


    Once again, having that extra third-round compensatory pick gives Green Bay a ton of options in this year's draft. One option would be to move up in the third round in order to draft outside linebacker Telvin Smith.

    This may seem like quite a bit to give up for a player labeled as a "tweener", but Smith has the potential to be a special player. In the video above, Bleacher Report's Matt Miller compares him to Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor.

    It's Smith's versatility that makes him such a fit for the Packers. He could play either safety or outside linebacker due to his athleticism and instincts, and he'd be able to make an impact at both positions.

    The only downfall of this trade would be if Smith only becomes a mediocre player at either position. While that's not overly likely, it's certainly a possibility with a versatile player like Smith.

Trading for Ndamukong Suh

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    How It Could Happen: The Packers give a whole lot of draft picks to the Detroit Lions.


    Last week Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report put out a report that the Lions are putting out feelers for defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Now, this might be a stretch of the word "realistic", but the Packers could certainly figure this trade out of they wanted to.

    Trading for Suh would do two things for the Packers. For starters, it'd give Green Bay an elite defensive lineman to build around. While it'd be interesting to see how the Packers would use Suh, there's no doubt he could still make an impact for this defense.

    More importantly, this move would take Suh away from the Lions. Ever since he joined Detroit he's been a menace to Rodgers and the Packers. Now he would be a menace to quarterback Matthew Stafford.

    We also can't forget about how passionate Suh would be playing against his former team. The only concern with Suh is his mentality, but landing in Green Bay might be good for his attitude.

    There's no doubt that this would be an extremely risky trade, but the benefits would be quite large.