Debate: Who Will Win the Premier League Title?

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Debate: Who Will Win the Premier League Title?
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Liverpool have been deposed as favourites for Premier League glory following their loss to Chelsea on Sunday.

Manchester City now have the destiny of the crown in their own hands, and wins in their final three games will be enough for City to regain the title.

Chelsea are third favourites, but remain in the hunt.

The race looks set to go down to the wire, and their could be more twists and turns, but who will lift the crown?


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Manchester City. Im a united fan.. but.. They deserved it to be fair.. they always had the most squad depth.. they beat teams convincingly before agu...
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Tho I'd love for Chelsea to win it, realistically I think Man City will and in all fairness Liverpool should. Chelsea now needs Liverpool and Man City...
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Man City will end up winning it. Liverpool messed up bad yesterday. They should have gone for a draw. Their arrogance was their demise.
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I still think Liverpool will do it, despite losing yesterday. To win at Goodison Park is not easy at all. It's ironic how I think Everton will help Li...
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