A Former Celtic Leads Atlanta To Improbable 2-2 Series Tie

Ken FossAnalyst IApril 29, 2008

The Celtics came out hot, silencing the Hawks faithful, all four of them, and all the 20,000 of the other band-wagon jumpers in Atlanta(see it works for you to Mike) with a 16-3 run the Celtics looked good to end the charade and all but end the series, but the gutty Hawks fought back. 

Inconsistent Joe Smith scored 20 points and blocked 7 shots to keep Paul Pierce at bay, and that's all Joe Johnson needed.

"Out of the huddle coach just told me to be aggressive, and I took it upon myself to make plays" said Johnson at the post game press conference.

That's exactly what he did, scoring 35 points, 20 coming in a big fourth quarter as the Hawks felled the Celtics 97-92.

"We took care of home court," Johnson said, "Now we've got to go up to Boston and somehow steal one.''

Back to Boston where the series began with Boston winning both games by an average of 21+ppg.

The Celtics had 18 extra possessions in Mondays Game 4, and nobody can win games consistently when your spotting the opposition a 10-15 point advantage.

The key to this series continuing is still the same the Hawks must limit turnovers (17 in game 4) and attack the glass. (which they have done a good job of. with a +.2 per game advantage)

"I'll just say this, and I told our guys this, because I could hear them in the locker room after the game" said Doc Rivers, Head Coach of the Boston Celtics " hey guys, don't worry we're going home, everything will be ok. I said, Listen, you've got to make it ok, you can't just rely on going home... You've got to make it ok" 

That what they'll try to do on Wednesday, They'll try to make it ok.