The NFL Comparison for Top 10 WR Recruits from Class of 2015

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IApril 28, 2014

The NFL Comparison for Top 10 WR Recruits from Class of 2015

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    The series of comparing top 2015 recruits to NFL players continues, as the receivers are up. The 2015 class features various types of dynamic pass-catchers who can all impact the passing game.

    A versatile 5-star receiver in Arizona is a lot like an explosive player for the Seattle Seahawks. The state of Texas is home to a receiver prospect who has a similar skill set to one of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees' favorite targets.

    Plus, a recruit on this list looks like an underrated receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars on tape.

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Da'Vante Phillips

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    From Miami, Da'Vante Phillips is a 4-star receiver who plays with a lot of physicality on the perimeter. He isn't the fastest player on this list, but he has the ability to separate with sharp and quick movements.

    Phillips, who is 6'1.5" and 197 pounds, has surprising strength for a receiver. He releases through jams with power, plus he rarely lets cornerbacks come through him to intercept passes. Phillips has strong hands, and he also is capable of being a good blocker.

    He is a lot like Indianapolis Colts receiver Hakeem Nicks. 

Deon Cain

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    Deon Cain is an athletic 4-star recruit who has a bright future. Cain has spent a lot of time playing quarterback in high school, which is why he lacks a lot of reps as a receiver.

    However, the Florida native does display the needed skills to be a good one in college. Cain is a 6'2", 190-pounder who has smooth athleticism and good speed. He is capable of reaching the third level quickly, plus he has the run-after-catch skills to make rare plays.

    Cain could be a similar receiver to DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans. 

Alex Ofodile

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    At 6'3" and 185 pounds, 4-star receiver Alex Ofodile can lull cornerbacks to sleep snap after snap. Ofodile isn't the flashiest receiver in the country, but he is productive.

    The Missouri native sneaks off the line with solid quickness, and his route running is smooth. Ofodile has the length to snatch and pluck balls on the move, plus his speed is above-average. He's developing into an impressive player.

    Ofodile's NFL comparison is Keenan Allen of the San Diego Chargers.

Preston Williams

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    Hailing from Georgia, Preston Williams is a 4-star receiver who is committed to Tennessee. He has a long frame at 6'4" and 190 pounds, plus Williams can run by cornerbacks and safeties.

    The Peach State prospect displays great athleticism, evidenced by his ability to leap and attack a ball at its highest point in traffic. Williams can stack himself on top of a cornerback due to his speed, and he is dangerous after the catch.

    His size and speed helps draw comparisons to Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns. 

Calvin Ridley

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    Calvin Ridley is a quicker-than-fast athlete who can glide all over the field. The Alabama commit hails from Florida, and he can explode out of his cuts.

    Ridley needs to add more bulk to his 6'2", 170-pound frame, but he can wiggle his way around jams at the line. He separates with sharp cuts to skate away from defenders, and he also has solid vision with the ball when running after the catch.

    Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers is Ridley's pro comparison.

Tyron Johnson

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    At 6'1" and 191 pounds, Tyron Johnson is a 4-star receiver who doesn't back down from press-man coverage. Johnson has deceptive strength to fight through jams, plus he possesses the lateral quickness to elude it.

    Johnson is a solid athlete who has natural ball skills. He tracks throws awfully well with his eyes, and he has the ability to adjust his body positioning to make sure he's prepared to haul in a pass. Finally, Johnson has solid speed to get to the third level, and he also can return kicks.

    Think of Baltimore Ravens receiver Torrey Smith when thinking of Johnson.

Christian Kirk

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    Christian Kirk is one of the most versatile players on this list. He's a 4-star receiver from Arizona, but he deserves to be a 5-star recruit.

    Kirk, who is 5'11" and 197 pounds, has outstanding explosiveness and speed. He can launch into his routes off the line, plus he skates out of his breaks to leave defenders at junctions. Kirk also has the vision and skills of a running back, which is why he could get a few carries from the backfield in college.

    He also can return kicks and punts, plus he runs with good strength with the ball in his hands.

    Greg Biggins and Brandon Huffman of wrote on March 11:

    Looking at his body and how much thicker and stronger he has gotten, he has the potential to be used in a number of ways at the next level.

    Kirk compares favorably to Seattle Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin

Damarkus Lodge

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    A 5-star receiver from Texas, Damarkus Lodge has a well-rounded skill set. The 6'2.5", 190-pounder is a great route-runner who drives hard into his patterns and sinks his hips at junctions.

    Lodge isn't a burner, but his size and solid quickness help him stay open. Lodge has excellent hands and ball skills. He also has the strength to keep cornerbacks outside of passing lanes, plus he can gallop with power after the catch. 

    Lodge is a lot like New Orleans Saints receiver Marques Colston. 

Terry Godwin

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    A smooth and explosive 5-star athlete, Terry Godwin could very well play receiver at Georgia. At 6'0" and 168 pounds, Godwin has electric speed and quickness.

    He gets off the line in a hurry, which puts cornerbacks in trail-position almost immediately. Godwin then uses his knack for setting up his routes, which allows him launch out of his breaks to create separation. He shows good hands, plus he has excellent run-after-catch skills.

    Cecil Shorts of the Jacksonville Jaguars is Godwin's NFL comparison. 

George Campbell

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    George Campbell is a 5-star receiver from Florida who has a great combination of size and speed. 

    Campbell is 6'3" and 184 pounds, and he can climb on top of secondaries in an impressive manner. The Sunshine State native has good movement skills when running routes, but he needs to improve his concentration and focus.

    Yet, Campbell is a special athlete who has the ability break games open with big plays.

    He's capable of becoming a similar receiver to Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos. 


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