Calvin Johnson Still Plans to Dunk Football After Scoring Touchdowns

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistApril 27, 2014

Getty Images

The National Football League announced this offseason that any player who dunked the football over the goal posts next season would be flagged. That should have some players rethinking their touchdown celebrations, but don't count Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson as one who will give in to the NFL's new rule.

Although dunking the football will result in a flag, Johnson may have come up with a way to avoid being penalized.

“I’m still going to dunk,” Johnson said, via the Detroit Free Press' Carlos Monarrez. “I just won’t touch the rim.”

Under the new rule, the goal posts are considered "props" and cannot be used in celebrations.

Johnson has scored 67 touchdowns in his seven-year career and has caught at least 12 touchdown passes in three of the past four seasons. If the 6'5" wideout can continue to find the end zone often next season, he is going to have plenty of chances to test the boundaries of the NFL's new rule.