The Chicago Cubs: A season on the Upswing

ChiCitySports .ComCorrespondent IJune 22, 2009

To play in Chicago let alone for a Chicago sports team is more pressure than anything an athlete would have to face. While this may be a bears’ city, the love for baseball and the Chicago cubs is rich now than it has ever been. Traditions of days at the ballpark are forming between kids and parents. Forty-Two thousand loyal Chicagoans flock to Wrigley Field everyday to root root root for the cubbies, but so far this season there really hasn’t been much to root for.

There are $140.145M reasons this team should win a world series this year, but as we know that’s more easily said then done. Through sixty-five games this season the cubs have been through more ups and downs, highs and lows than any team in the MLB today. From walk off wins extra inning defeats. Game winning hits to series losing errors. One day the cubs look like the team many chose to win ninety-five plus games, and then in the blink of an eye they look like over paid Prima Donna's that don’t care what goes on either way.

The most difficult thing in sports today aside from performing in the clutch is living up to expectations and with an organization with no true owner at the moment that just adds to the pressure. Moves can’t be made nor can players be signed, as long as this situation is an issue, the cubs are in a stalemate and are left to fend for themselves. Go at the season headstrong, and roll the dice to see what happens.

Jake Peavy, Dan Uggla, Todd Helton, all names that have been whispered but the cubs can’t make a move because there hands as an organization are tied. The cubs have had some very stellar pitching that they are wasting at the moment with there inept offense and lack of fire or urgency of the situation. Over the past few games they have been on a hot streak with the offense, granted it was against the Cleveland Indians but they are still a major league team and the cubs took advantage of an emotional Kerry Wood who wasn’t on the top of his game against his former team obviously with two blown saves. Derek Lee had four home runs in the three game series so maybe his stroke is back.

These Cubs have a chance to do something no cubs has done since 1908, that’s win a world series.That pressure alone is enough to believe that it won’t be done but maybe this will be the year that finally we won’t need to bring out the, (Maybe Next Year?) signs. The only thing that’s for certain is that there is still a season to be played, and the cubs will play it to the best of there ability.

 Dexter Brocks – VSN Writer