Texas Longhorns Football Week 1 Review

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Texas Longhorns Football Week 1 Review
I figured i'd let some people know my opinions on the team's game today.

This was the WORST performance i've seen from this University, granted i've only seen last year and this year, but it was that bad. I think Arkansas State will be a good team in the end, and i'm happy we got out with a W, but my god. For a touted offense to have the problems we did, I don't know how we're #4.

Colt McCoy's arm looked terrible. It's almost like he didn't heal from last year's injuries and as if the new season started last year immediately following the Alamo Bowl. He could not hit targets, left people in places to get LIT UP, and ran a few times into huge hits instead of sliding or moving away from them. Our defense was not much better, as not one player stayed home or did their job in the first half. The QB Choice (basically our biggest and most used offensive play) owned us, as the QB must've had 100 yards rushing in the first half. Jamal Charles had a decent game, but didn't have that big broken tackle, which he always does. Limas Sweed looked bored and as if he didn't want to play, despite making some very good plays as soon as he seemed motivated to do so. And finally, if A-State didn't miss 2 FGs and go for a 4th down when they easily should have taken the three points, we may have lost this game 22-21.

That's all for now, I just hope we can pull out a game next week here against the Christians from Fort Worth.

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