New York Giants Wrap Up Spring Training Relieving Fans' Anxiety

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJune 22, 2009

Throughout the entire NFL offseason, all the football fans of every NFL team have made a truckload of assumptions.


This period of time is usually marked by these assumptions, as the media and fan base speculate regarding the future season ahead.


Every move made by each franchise is rapidly analyzed by countless critics, who judge, criticize, discuss, and sometimes even fight about it.


In the Giants' case, it is no different. Discussions regarding the team exploded, whether about the WR situation, defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo leaving, or about Derrick Ward's departure to Tampa Bay, and so on and so forth.


Heading into the off-season conditioning program, one brilliant surprise lurked on this roster—every player attended.


During the spring, we learned that Osi Umenyiora is fully healthy. What is even more important, he is fully hungry. This gives Giants fans a lot to look forward to.


Another thing we learned throughout the spring is that the secondary is in very good hands, as Kenny Phillips has been stepping up on a daily basis, becoming a leader in this defense and looking more Ed Reed-like.


Perhaps the best surprise in the OTAs and mini camp was Sinorice Moss.


The little guy looked somewhat incredible, flashing his blazing speed all over the field and making spectacular catches.


His fellow receiver, Mario Manningham, also stepped up, and showed the coaches he is not out of the race just yet. The rookies were looking good as well, as Nicks showed excellent route running, and incredible hands.


Furthermore, Eli Manning also showed one more time he is ready to carry this team back to the promised land.


Manning took the step towards being the real, uncontested leader of the team. Having daily classroom sessions with his receivers, we can all expect good chemistry come September.


Adding up to the count, a factor in this year’s spring training was the new facility. Leaving that old crappy place behind, the new spacious one provided what was necessary for the team to be more comfortable.


This helped create a lighter environment. Of course, the fact that Plax and Shockey weren’t there also helped a bit…


Although I'm sure I didn't bring any real fresh news with this article, the point of displaying the above-mentioned statements and facts is that with the end of spring training, Giants fans have some answers to their throbbing anxieties.


Questions like “Will Osi come back at full strength?”, “Can our receivers step up?” or “Can Eli keep his ascent to an elite QB without a big receiver?” are no longer forcing themselves into Giants' fans every thought.


The New York Giants have moved on.


All of the distractions are no longer present in this group. Finally, this Giants team was able to enjoy an off season focusing on what really matters—becoming a better team.