Ballers Going Nuts on the Bench for Their Team

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistApril 29, 2014

Ballers Going Nuts on the Bench for Their Team

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    As sports fans, we're expected to shoot out of our seats and go nuts when a big play happens. But athletes themselves? Well, that's a different story.

    Typically told to, "act like they've been there before," there are occasions when players just can't help themselves, allowing their emotions to get the best of what their eyes just saw.

    And since it's always fun to see players celebrate like crazy, here are a few moments when guys went nuts from the bench.

Michigan State Men's Basketball

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    While the entire Michigan State Spartans roster went nuts over the windmill slam by Branden Dawson against rival Michigan, it's the the dude not wearing a uniform that gets props here.

    I see you, khaki pants guy. Way to go all high knees on 'em.

Rasheed Wallace

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    You can take the player out of the game, but you can't take the game out of the player.

    That's what seems to have happened here when Detroit Pistons assistant coach and former NBA All-Star Rasheed Wallace was seen straight wilin' out following a sick jam by Andre Drummond earlier this season.

    There were a ton of amazing bench celebrations, but Sheed's was one of my favorite in the league this year.

Christophe Varidel

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    When a player is one of the last guys on the bench and seldom used during games, he needs to find ways to help his teammates in other ways.

    Most of the time it's putting everything they have into practice to help them get ready for the real games, and other times it's doing the chicken dance to celebrate with their teammates.

    Former Florida Gulf Coast player Christophe Varidel chose the latter—and I'm not mad about it.

Kent Bazemore

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    Kent Bazemore may have found himself out of commission by the end of the NBA season following a trade to the L.A. Lakers, but I'm sure he's still found time to perfect his celebration game.

    With some of the best moves a benchwarmer can have, Bazemore may not have played very frequently during his rookie campaign last season, but he showed that he has plenty of skill—well, at least when it comes to rooting his mates on.

Kansas Jayhawks Men's Basketball

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    I'm not sure what got into the Kansas Jayhawks men's hoops team this season, but they showed that they might have had the most hyped team in all of college basketball.

    While the reaction to Tarik Black's jam is great, Rio Adams' "feed me" motion might just take the cake as my favorite, because his expression during the whole thing is just phenomenal.

Rem Bakamus

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    There are people who claim to be good at air guitar, and then there are people who go out there and prove that they are—Gonzaga Bulldogs player Rem Bakamus proved to be a true guitar hero a few seasons ago.

    Following a big shot by a teammate, Bakamus didn't just raise his arms in joy. Nope, he went full Hendrix, making his imaginary guitar gently weep for sure.

UConn Huskies Assistant Coach

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    When a walk-on guy gets some love by playing during a blowout loss and actually scores, his bench is always going to give him some dap.

    Well, UConn Huskies sophomore guard Pat Lenehan sure felt the love following a three from the corner against South Florida, because it caused a raucous celebration on his bench.

    The biggest culprit? What appears to be an assistant coach who does some swift moving, karate chop motion to show his excitement.

Robin Lopez

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    After one of the sickest NBA plays of the season, it's only natural to assume that anyone who witnessed it would react like a crazy person—and Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez definitely did.

    Lopez may be a 7-footer, but he has shown to be pretty damn nimble throughout his career when a big play happens and he's on the bench.

San Diego State Men's Basketball

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    Somebody call a doctor, because the San Diego State bench needs some resuscitation following a late three-pointer by a little used benchwarmer.

    It's always cool to see the little guys get some PT and garbage baskets. But it's an even funnier sight when some of the star players act a fool on the bench as their No. 1 cheerleaders—in this case after San Diego State's Niksha Federico buried two treys on two shots in three minutes during a blowout win.

Norris Cole

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    Ever wonder what it's like to win a NBA championship?

    Apparently, it's so good that it'll make you lose your drawers!

    At least, that's what happened last year to Miami Heat role player Norris Cole, who, following teammate Ray Allen's improbable trey to tie the game found his warm-up pants around his ankles thanks to hopping up and down so much.

Mercer Men's Basketball

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    This might not be your typical bench celebration because it didn't come following a big play, but that doesn't mean that it's not damn good.

    Following their upset of No. 3-seed Duke in this year's NCAA tournament, the Mercer Bears showed that they had plenty of skills after the game, too, breaking into quite the jig that TV cameras thankfully caught.

Henry Lowe and Patrick Farrell

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    Stand up if you like the popular show Game of Thrones.

    While I'm not a huge fan of the sci-fi stuff, I know plenty of people who can't stop talking about it—and it seems like Villanova hoops players Henry Lowe and Patrick Farrell are among them.

    With Lowe pulling back on a bow to release an arrow, Farrell looks through his scope for any enemies who might be lurking, making this just hilarious to see.

Indiana Pacers

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    A triple-double is a big accomplishment on any level of basketball.

    But when a guy does it in the NBA—even if he eventually leads the league in the category by season's end—his teammates make sure he gets recognition.

    And the Indiana Pacers made sure they gave Lance Stephenson plenty of love, not just patting him on the butt after getting a trip-dub against the Boston Celtics but actually having the wave go from one end of the bench to the other.

Peter Dill

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    Should we all thank former Seton Hall basketball player Peter Dill for both inventing and/or perfecting the bench celebration?

    If the stories about him are true, then yes, because he did just that.

    A former walk-on for the Pirates, Dill became a legend—and a highlight fixture—thanks to his crazy reactions following big plays by his teammates during games.

Colby College Men's Basketball

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    If there were an award for the bench collective bench celebrations, little known Division-III school Colby College would be the national champions—because they know what the hell they're doing from the pine.

    With a variety of different dance moves and a ton of energy pouring from the guys in warm-ups, the Mules enthusiastically get everyone in the gym fired up after a big play.